The Apple Card accused of a sexist bias


New York State Financial Services has launched an investigation to determine if the operation of the Apple Card was not tainted by gender bias.

Everything started from a series of tweets Furious entrepreneur David Heinemeier Hansson (creator of Ruby on Rails) where he observes he has a credit limit 20 times higher than his wife, even though they jointly declare their income for taxes and that they have been married for many years.

He qualifies as " Black Box Apple's algorithm that sets these limits and adds that neither the technical assistance of Apple, nor that of its partner bank Goldman Sachs were able or willing to explain to him the reasons for such disparity, except that was the fact of the famous "algorithm".

At the end of the day and after six people, his efforts ended up paying off and these balances were balanced. Without this, however, allowing to see more clearly on the substance of things.

Image: Apple

Several other Apple Card owners have engaged behind his tweet by reporting similar experiences. Sometimes it was even the wife who should have logically had a higher credit limit but in fact it is the opposite that occurs. Among these testimonies, count the one from Steve Wozniak who talks about a similar situation for his wife.

Linda Lacewell, director of the New York Department of Financial Services, said a spokeswoman said an investigation would try to determine If the New York law has been broken and ensure that all consumers are treated equally, regardless of gender ".

Andrew Williams, head of communications for Goldman Sachs, assured that the ratings for these credit capabilities are " based on clients' creditworthiness and not on gender, race, age, sexual orientation or other prohibited criteria ". Apple did not communicate.

A little less than a month ago, the boss of Goldman Sachs was delighted with this partnership with Apple which had led, in his words, " most successful credit card launch in history ".

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