The ATB ties in its visit to the subsidiary 'mattress'


Initial eleven of the today dressed in yellow in Madrid (Photo: ATB)
Initial eleven of the today dressed in yellow in Madrid (Photo: ATB)

Atletico Baleares tied for Sunday at the Wanda Sports City against the subsidiary of Atletico de Madrid (0-0). The igualada, the first of the palmesanos in this league course, allows Manix Mandiola to maintain the distance of five points with the 'mattress' imberbes, despite the significant casualties of Manu Herrera, Jon Aurtenetxe and Iturraspe in addition to the long-lasting Canary.

Next week, the Mallorcan will receive in the Estadi Balear the visit of another subsidiary of height: Real Madrid Castilla that trains the mythical Raul Gonzalez.

Exchange of blows

The meeting has begun with a first stretch of score. At the end of the quarter hour, Gabarre has topped off with the head a center from the left side of Borja. Seven later, the referee has invalidated a shot by local Mejias to the crossbar for offside.

In the 25th minute, a distant volley by Jorge Ortiz has left over the crossbar and in the 30th, Ginard has stopped a timid Poveda stub. Shortly thereafter, a corner kick from the premises has become a great against those today dressed in yellow that the Scottish Jordan has not been able to complete and in 35, the Balearic goal has stopped a shot by Ricard.

When there were five minutes left to get to rest, a Poveda clearance has been about to end in autogol and in 43, a chut Jordan center almost surprises the goal Diego Conde.

Lack of aim

In the resumption, the ATB has enjoyed a great occasion when, in the 51st minute, Villapalos finished off a corner kick with a stub that licked the stick. Before game time, a Cedric center has been topped off by Oscar.

The game was still thick, with a lot of respect from both teams. Manix has moved token. First giving entry to Arturo by Gabarre, today news for not scoring after eight consecutive days without fail. Then, the Basque has opted for Luca Ferrone for Jordan, placing the Italian double-sided ahead of Borja.

In the 78th minute, Villapalos has not reached by centimeters to push a rejection of Count after a header from Vallori. Four later, the local goalkeeper has shone in a lateral foul executed by David Haro, in the last chance of the competitive duel.

Data sheet

ATHLETIC OF MADRID B (0): Diego Conde, Manu Sanchez, Alvaro Garcia, Mikel, Oscar (Tropi, min. 83), Ricard (Del Campo, min. 79), Sanabria, Mejias, Solano and Cedric

ATB (0): Xavi Ginard, Borja San Emeterio, Pedro Orfila, Vallori, Peris, Villapalos, Jordan Holsgrove (Luca Ferrone, min. 66), Rovirola, Gabarre (Arturo, min. 61), Jorge Ortiz and David Haro (Jose Garcia , min. 86)

SCHOOL: Ruiperez Marin (Castilian-Manchego committee)

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