The Austrian Stefan Krenn confesses his love for Cuba


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Stefan Krenn came to the world in 1944, in a country that suffered in its own flesh the Nazi occupation and its annexation to Germany from March 12, 1938 until the end of World War II, when Austria regained its independence to constitute its second Republic in 1955, by then this friend from Cuba was barely 11 years old.

He is not proud that Adolf Hitler, the Nazi leader who caused so much destruction and death, was born on his land, taking the world to the brink of a holocaust; but of the world heritage left by great thinkers and intellectuals like Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis; the famous writer and historian Stefan Zweig; and the great musicians and composers, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert, Franz Liszt, and Johann Strauss I and II.

stephan austria and vargas moment interview f vargasDialogue with Stefan is to delve into the history of his country, to know that there are still physical and psychological consequences in descendants of people used as laboratory tests, as if they were rats, subjected to cruel torture, physical elimination by forced labor without receiving food some, and murders without the victims having provoked them.

He told me that the origins of his country date back to the Habsburg dynasty, which made that European territory a fundamental part of the Holy Roman Empire and after a very extensive historical process, the First Republic was established in 1919. As I said before, and the second, in 1955.

Currently, Austria is a Central European State, a member of the European Union, whose capital is Vienna; It has nine provinces and a population of almost nine million inhabitants. Its official language is German, although several dialects are also spoken.

Stefan did not know about Cuba through the press of his country, which is media, biased with power, but for more than 20 years trips to the island have been frequent, especially to Holguin where he participated in most of the International Colloquies for the Freedom of the Five (former terrorists who spent more than 15 years in jails in the United States) and collaborating in many ways, through the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (Icap).

President of the Association 'Good View – Solidarity with Cuba', for 20 years, this touring mechanic, a trade unionist who defends just causes, who led factory organizations, where he began to form his political conscience from the left, which led him to the militancy in the Communist Party since 1973.

How did that approach to Cuba begin, until it became a defender of its cause?

¨ As a trade unionist, it all started with a meeting in Havana, where we exchanged with the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC); We join the battle for the freedom of the Five, participating in meetings, conferences and as you know, in the Colloquiums organized in Holguin, for the Five and against terrorism. I also carried out several actions against the US blockade of the island¨.

cycling f Calixto Llanes jrebeldeHis participation in most of the Colloquiums was active, cooperating with the Icap in multiple ways, such as providing trophies for the winners of the Cycling Cups organized here in Holguin, for anniversaries of the Icap and as part of the International Colloquiums for the release of the Five. "In addition to the three cups for the first places, we provide some bicycles and accessories, which have been delivered to the Inder, which, together with the Icap, organize and promote such attractive races for the public that follows them, section by section".

I remember that in the VIII Colloquium, Stefan gave the Government in this province the sum of five thousand 500 euros, to help alleviate the damage that Hurricane Sandy left in this territory that, four years earlier, in 2008 had suffered the Ike's attacks.

That is solidarity against the hostilities of a blockade that is increasing every day, although for 28 consecutive years it has received worldwide rejection, as has just happened in the General Assembly of the United Nations, where 187 nations approved the motion for a resolution presented by Cuba, against three governments that folded to the United States and two that abstained.

¨To support Cuba against this unilateral measure of imperialism, our Association has sought help in various parts of the country, and sent containers with donations to schools and hospitals, which to some extent have contributed to alleviate such difficult situations faced by this sister country by lack of resources, such as equipment, parts and other elements¨.

What other solidarity actions take place in different territories of your country?

austria map internet¨ We have various organized groups in all provinces, but the most active are in Vienna, Salzburg, Lower Austria and in the federal states, which is where they carry out the greatest number of activities, in which they clarify people about the Cuban reality , in the face of hostile propaganda and disinformation of the media¨.

They work with young people on the subject Cuba, do they know what happens?

¨ If we approach them, some come every year, but I can't tell you that there is much interest on the Cuba issue. That is the reality, because they lack information and, although Austria officially supports Cuba against the blockade and other high-political issues, there are no official statements made, nor anything published about this country and its people. In our group we do talk about Cuba and a newspaper is published that includes information on various topics¨.

A native of Upper Austria, Stefan Krinn is the bearer of the Coat of Arms of this City, conferred by the Provincial Assembly of Popular Power in Holguin; and together with Christine Brych, from Vienna, they received the Solidarity Medal, in recognition of their unquestionable contributions to the just Cuban cause.

Militant of the Communist Party of his country, Stefan has two daughters, and confesses his love for Cuba, his people and the revolution, for which reason, he cannot separate from here, where he also found a new love. "For those reasons, I will continue to practice solidarity, because it is a condition that, together with that of love, makes us better people."

Arnaldo Vargas Castro

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