The black market, this scourge of Moroccan football


A procedure for controlling the ticket sales process does exist but it is rarely, if ever, applied by the competent authorities. And it is the black market resellers who benefit and the fans and the clubs who toast.

A few hours before the 140th Casablanca derby between Raja and Wydad on Saturday, November 2, the tension rises in the streets surrounding the complex Mohammed V. From 11am, latecomers rushed to the many sellers of black market tickets that hang around of "Donor". Patrols of the police do not scare them. " That's how the business goes "Says, smiling, Rachid, an active dealer around the speaker Casablanca.

" Every game, it's the same refrain, we play cat and mouse with the police He says. In fact, some of them were stopped on Biranzaran Boulevard, a few hundred meters from the complex. It must be said that this activity is illegal. For decades, the sale of football tickets, especially during major matches, is still happening in very difficult conditions. Because, it must also be said, the black market is synonymous with higher prices and therefore, more profit for resellers.

Prices multiplied by 4

" Prices can be multiplied by three or four depending on the importance of the match Explains Rachid, who resold his stock of third-class tickets at 200 dirhams instead of 50 dirhams within a few hours of the derby.

How could he have so many tickets and above all, at what price? " I bought the tickets at their original price ", Replies our interlocutor. The trick to get a lot of tickets is " recruit some young people from the neighborhood at 30 dirhams a day, so that they queue and buy and buy the tickets He confided.

A dozen young people who repeat the same operation, two or three days in a row to bring a maximum ticket and therefore profit as confirmed by Rachid. " This activity can be profitable, especially during national selection meetings "He reveals. Indeed, before the meeting Morocco-Gabon counting for the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, according to our source, it took no less than 300 dirhams for tickets initially sold 50 DH.

An early solution with online sales

It is therefore the fans who pay the high price and this to the detriment of clubs that suffer this scourge. Raja Casablanca has sketched out a solution by setting up year-round subscriptions for the most frequent fans. There was still a need to secure ticket sales for casual supporters, and the derby for the Mohammed VI Arab Champion Clubs Cup was also an opportunity to test the reliability of online sales, launched by Raja, Casa Event and Guichet. my early season.

An agreement between the parties allows the site in question to sell a limited amount of tickets. After the successes of the first operations, the Casablanca club put on sale online 25% of tickets for the game from Wednesday night. But since the fervor is great, even this service did not fail to bug. From the first minutes, the pressure on the site was out of the ordinary. " Unheard of in the history of e-commerce in Morocco ", Says Tawfik Moulnakhla, founder of the website

Given the number of subscribers to Raja (more than 13,000), the club that receives the first leg, the club has put up for sale more than 3,400 tickets online for its own fans, while those of Wydad could buy nearly 7,000 tickets, all categories combined. The supporters of both clubs all wanted to access the site at the same time to avoid stock-outs, which caused some blockages, quickly resolved by officials, who were able to sell all tickets in less than 48 hours.

A plague impossible to eradicate completely

Such events where scams and the black market are all the rage, buying online is the place the most secure To get the tickets, especially since they are all nominative. Online sales can also be a solution to avoid recurring jostling in front of the counters.

The authorities can not completely eradicate the black market, but in Morocco it is omnipresent and can sometimes exceed the legal circuit in terms of the volume of tickets sold. Casa Events is reassuring on this subject.

According to a well-placed source within this LDS, significant progress has been made in the fight against the black market. " On the occasion of the last derby, the press reported 5,000 tickets sold on the black market. Taking into account that the total number of tickets sold has exceeded 40,000, this is very positive, compared to the past She said.

How was this achieved? " We tried to spread the ticket sales over three days. This allowed the black market to run out of steam. This market is generally very active during the first day, which creates a lot of confusion in this process "Says our source.

Solutions therefore exist to eradicate this scourge, but it is also necessary to have the true will, on the side of the competent authorities. For their part, clubs act as they can!

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