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Mat Fraser and CrossFit athletes are reputed to be the most comprehensive and the world as athletes, but there are others who are at your level and even exceed, the NFL football players. Giants of more than 100 kilos of pure muscle, capable of running 100 meters in 11 seconds or less and withstanding thrusts that make the hair stand on end. And the best example is Aaron Donald, defensive tackle Los Angeles Rams, the league runners-up, with 1.85 meters and 128 kilos of weight, has been elected twice the best defense in the NFL.

His statistics impress, but his training even more. In one of his latest videos on instagram Donald He shows one of his days and, among other exercises, appears doing bicep curls, parallel funds, dumbbell rowing, shoulder pulls, ball throws and even specific forearm exercises. Fullbody and very heavy routine, in which strength exercises predominate.

His discipline in the gym is not new. A fitness fan from his college stage, he has confessed in an interview that he got up early at half past four in the morning to train before going to class. "Since I was a bit lazy with housework, my father thought it was a good idea to train in the gym to achieve discipline and work ethic," he reveals. And it worked! "That was 12 years … Well, when he turned 14 was the one who came every day very early to my bed to lift me and entrenaramos together," says his father Archie.

Now it is a crushing machine rivals and quarterbacks. And in what we have been in season has already achieved 4 sacks. In this other video of his social networks, for example, he appears doing bench press with dumbbells of 130 pounds, about 59 kilos.

And in this one, beating his personal bench press record:

And of course, drag exercises to work on strength and power, fundamental in their training because of their position in the field.

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