The bus Lyonnais was pebbled, as feared Marseille police officers


The bus Lyonnais was pebbled before the Olympico, November 10, 2019. – AFP

A big fright for Anthony Lopes. A big anger for Jean-Michel Aulas. The boss of the OL fulminated, this Sunday evening, in the corridors of the
Velodrome. "We have fallen into an ambush. If it continues like that, we will not play, "Aulas told reporters. Three windows of the
buses were broken by projectiles, before OM-OL, always boiling match in Marseille.

The authorities had recommended Lyonnais to take an undercover bus

The police had announced that the OL bus would probably be targeted by Marseillais. The authorities had recommended that Lyonnais opt for a rental bus, so commonplace, rather than for their usual bus, the colors of the OL. "When we go to Paris, we do not take our bus," recalls an Olympian source. The Lyonnais have taken their responsibilities! "

Earlier in the evening, about 7,000 fans marched in a hot procession, between the Prado beaches and the Velodrome. Many smoke, firecrackers and fireworks were launched, without further overflow, at this time in any case.

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