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Footballer Mats Hummels owes his career to the fact that he finds it difficult to hide his ambition. In a home game of FC Bayern against Borussia Dortmund, for example, Hummels won once in the second half a duel, but he did not secure the ball, he straddled him out. So Hummels grabbed the ball, held it in front of his face, yelled at him, and if he had not been watched by millions of people, he might have eaten the ball. That was in April this year, Hummels was still playing for Bayern, Bayern won 5-0.

On Saturday, when Bayern again played against Dortmund at home, Hummels knocked on the chest at the end of the first half, once, twice, three times, again he roared, but this time not to the ball, but to his teammates. But no one seemed to want to listen to him, shamelessly they waited for the opponent's corner, and if they had not been watched by millions of people, they might have run to the corner flag to hide in the ball to be sure of Hummels' Ambition. Hummels plays again for Dortmund, Bayern won 4-0.

Bundesliga Dortmund conceded the usual swatter

Dortmund collects the usual swatter

Coaching change? Uncertainty? Not at all, everything as always. In a superior leading game Bayern takes the BVB apart.From the stadium of Maik Rosner

"If I have to limit it to one thing," Hummels later said about what his team had missed in that defeat, "then it's against it, when the opponent is physically fully there."

Dortmund's appearance was frightening

Hummels, who returned to Dortmund in the summer after three years at his youth club in Munich, where he had previously played for eight years, must have happened on Saturday night as in a personal nightmare. In the past second half, he was the player at Bayern, who stood like no other with his inner attitude for catching up.

But because he then did not get the appreciation he had hoped for in Munich, he moved to Dortmund to give a young, talented, built on speed team the necessary statesmanlike counterweight. On Saturday night, however, Hummels's ambition, his willingness to stand against it, worked like a high school student who was inadvertently re-enrolled in pre-school.

That the Dortmund appearance was scary, tried not even to beautify the responsible of BVB. "A non-performance" was that, said sporting director Michael Zorc. Asked about the "men's football" demanded by him in the days leading up to the match, Zorc (still surprisingly unironic) said: "That was not football at all." And: "That was just nothing."

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