The charity stream "Loot for the World" starts for the sixth time in a row


For the sixth consecutive year Loot launches for the world: a charity event in which many German Youtube and Twitch VIPs are involved. Live in front of the camera they play games and collect donations for charity – 24 hours straight.

Charity streams have arrived long ago. Overseas internet providers such as Markiplier and Co regularly ensure that some millions of dollars come together for a good cause. But they start livestreams on platforms like Twitch and Youtube and encourage their fans and viewers to donate.

Even in Germany there are such charity streams – one of the biggest is "Loot for the World" (Loot is gaming for "loot"), the Friday night at 20 clock (from 18 clock there's a pre-show) in the sixth year in sequence starts (LFDW6). Then there's plenty of games, fun and events to play tomorrow morning at 10pm for 24 hours on three streams. Over the years, around 750,000 euros have been collected, which then went to charity. The upcoming event should now be full million.

The LFDW team: LeFloid, RobBubble, SpaceFrogs.

In the core team of Loot for the world are again this year LeFloid, RobBubble and the Space Frogs. (Picture: Loot for the world, screenshot:

Who and why?

Main organizers are the Doctor Froid team around the Youtuber LeFloid (aka Florian Mundt), the Space Frogs (Fabian "Rick" Rieck and Steven "Steve" Schuto) as well as Frodoapparat (Max Kruger) and RobBubble (Robin Bubble). The three streams are on their Youtube and Twitch channels, which we linked below for you. Especially in the community stream, there are also many guests who hold talk-rounds and chat with the audience.

All donations coming together for LFDW6 will be donated this year to the Berliner Frauenhaus Evas stop, Tierschutzverein Tierheim Berlin and the Green Forest Fund, which is reforesting in Germany.

Here and so you can donate

The gamers also get support from the ranks of the economy: among others they have the electronics maker LG, the newly opened Youtube Space in Berlin, the R + V insurance, the film and video equipment distribution 25p, the gaming and Merch-Shop Yvolve as well as the German donation platform in the back.

By the way, the latter is the main donation platform for Loot for the world – here! At Yvolve, on the other hand, there is an exclusive LFDW6 merch: shirts, hats, cups and calendars. All proceeds from the store will also go to the facilities supported by LFDW6.

A look at the program

The streaming program should be something for almost all game enthusiasts. On the respective main stream on Youtube and Twitch are after a pre-show event at 18 clock many virtual reality sessions and especially board games and a pen-and-paper round. For example, starting today at 10.30pm, you will try to find the Lycanthropic traitor in your own ranks at the "werewolf" card game, while in the morning "Gorn" will beat up VR in gladiators and virtual bombs will be defused in "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes".

The program of Loot for the world 6.

Full program: On the main and Gamingstream are planned a lot of games events. Instead of a fixed program, the community stream has a colorful mix of talk-rounds and spontaneity. (Photo: Loot for the world)

At 8 pm, the gaming stream also starts on Youtube and Twitch. Here you stay strictly at classic video games. So tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock there will be a smooth five-hour "Minecraft", then in the afternoon various speed runs (where video games will be played as fast as possible from beginning to end) and finally multiplayer matches at "League of Legends" – one of the most popular e-sports games.

By the way, on the third Youtube and Twitch channel, starting at 8 pm, there will be a community stream in which viewers can chat with the LFDW6 team and be part of live talk rounds. It should also be a lot of well-known guests from the German gaming and YouTube landscape involved.

Another German charity stream is called "Friendly Fire" and starts this year in December. There then play among others Team Pietsmiet and Pandorya for a good cause.

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