the cold is coming next week


The drop in temperatures will be gradual in the coming days. Especially from Thursday.

By Le Figaro with The Weather Channel

Our partner The weather channel * indicates that temperatures will drop further in the next few days, starting Monday, November 11th. The cold will not happen in a brutal way, but the drop in temperatures will be gradual.

As cloud cover will often be important and there will often be wind, both day and night, morning temperatures will usually be 0 to 6 ° C at sunrise. We should not have strong frosts this week.

Afternoon temperatures will be below normal for the season. It is generally expected between 6 and 9 ° C from north-east to east-central, 8 to 9 ° C in the Paris region and 8 to 11 ° C in the north-west. To the south, they will be between 9 and 12 ° C on the plains of the southwest and 13 to 17 ° C near the Mediterranean. From Thursday, the cooling will increase with maximum around 5 to 7 ° C from Thursday to next Saturday over 3/4 of the country, values ​​of 5 to 7 ° C below normal.

From Thursday also, the rain-snow limit will drop and will be located 500 meters on the Massif Central, the Vosges and the Jura and between 700 and 800 m on the other massifs.

Also for this Sunday, the organization has placed Haute-Corse in orange alert heavy rains:

* The weather channel belongs to the group Figaro

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