"The Cuban people remain the great forgotten"


The Table of the Cuban Unit (MUC), an association based in Spain that has among its objectives “to mobilize Spanish, European and European public opinion, governments and institutions framed in the EU, in favor of freedoms and rights in Cuba”, sent a letter to His Majesty King Felipe VI, about the visit he will make with the Queen Letizia to the island.

The extensive letter, sent on October 7, begins by taking a tour of the history that unites Spain and Cuba since Columbus arrived on the “new” continent in 1492, going through the wars of independence, the Republic of 1902 and the subsequent period of Castro's communism from 1959.

Focused on the last decades, where the presence of Spanish businessmen has been significantly noticed throughout the island, the MUC reminds His Majesty how Spanish businessmen have settled in the Cuban territory "thanks to the facilities provided by the government ”, which in turn“ nullifies any possibility of negotiation and rights of Cuban workers working in these companies ”.

For these purposes, the Government of Cuba uses the so-called Recruitment Agencies, which are attributed – denounce the members of the MUC – full rights to subtract more than 90% of workers' wages.

“Majesty, today the Cuban people continue to be the great forgotten, not only because of the kidnapping of their freedoms and dreams by a totalitarian dictatorship, but also see how those rights are taken away from Spanish companies in condemnation with a regime that seeks outlets to their economic troubles for six decades of misgovernment in unscrupulous businessmen, capable of accepting working conditions for their Cuban employees, own slaves, who violate their rights as people and their dignity as workers, ”says the letter sent to the King of Spain.

For this reason, from that association they ask the member of the Royal House that during the visit that will begin next Monday, November 11, about the 500 years of the Villa de San Cristobal de La Habana, the above is taken into consideration so that somehow “these injustices are ceased”.

They also tell the head of the Spanish Government that his visit will be used for convenience by the leaders of the island “in his eagerness to whiten the lack of freedom, the absence of democracy, the permanent repression of those who think differently, arbitrary detentions. and imprisonment for political reasons or simply, for living with decorum in a decadent society and on the brink of destitution. ”

The letter received a response from the Palace of La Zarzuela, signed by the head of the House of His Majesty the King, Jaime Alfonsin, and dated October 15, which does not offer many details about the claims made by the organization .

It only limits itself to informing that His Majesty thanks MUC for the attention offered by sending all that information about the political and social situation of the island.

Response sent by the Royal House to the Cuban Unit Board. / Photo: Courtesy

The Cuban Unity Table already had starred in a lawsuit before the Prosecutor of the National Court of Madrid against more than 300 Spanish and European companies that operate on the Island under the protection of the Castro government.

After the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act "it is already a fact and begins to bring a cascade of consequences, mainly for the Spanish hotel sector," says MUC, a nonprofit organization registered in Spain.

The refusal of the Royal Family to visit Havana He has had voices not only in Cuban exile, but in different political parties and press media, just a few hours after the second time this year, presidential elections take place in the middle of a complex political context for the Iberian country.

Although the Spanish Government, with the socialist Pedro Sanchez in charge at the helm, has declared that the link of the Spaniards "is precisely with the Cuban people, not with the Cuban government", many are those who criticize that the King travels to Havana and meet the highest authorities in the country and do not have the opportunity to know the political reality of the island, as well as demonstrate in favor of freedom and human rights.

King Felipe VI will be in Havana from November 11 to 14, Thus being the first member of the Royal House that arrives on the island as an official visit. His father, King Juan Carlos had been, but not as part of an official delegation.

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