The deep self-criticism of Marcelo Gallardo after the defeat of River against Rosario Central


River fell surprisingly 1-0 to Central Rosary at Monumental and missed the opportunity to take off at the top of the Super League table. And, especially after the opening of the scoreboard by Lucas Gamba at dawn of the second half, he showed an imprecise version, without changing the rhythm. On the threshold of two decisive weeks (on Thursday the Millionaire plays against Estudiantes de Caseros for the semifinal of the Argentine Cup and on 23 will dispute the definition of the Copa Libertadores against Flamengo), Marcelo Gallardo He did not appeal to euphemisms to analyze the stumbling block. The Doll made a deep self-criticism and asked that the defeat be "useful for what is coming."

“The goal I think damaged us and we had neither the freshness nor the creativity nor the rebellion to turn history. It hit us quite hard and we didn't have many answers, it was a nice possibility, but you have to think about what's coming, and For what is coming it is useful: it tells us that when we lose a little intensity we can lose these matches”, Sentenced the coach, 43.

"It hurts me to lose points on our court, before our people and it is not that we deserved to lose the game in which we play here. We had a nice reason to play this game, on our court and with our people, we played the tip of the championship. And what happened: a team that awaits you, goes back, you have to try to wear out the rival and that happened in the first half. But at the minute of the second, they made us that goal that gave them a lot of energy to defend and for us it was a blow, ”he continued with his explanation.

In this stretch of the season, Gallardo chose to reduce the rotation: his plan was to face the game against the Canallas and the two that come with the same base. The bet may offer some risk in the face of the bicampeonato de America search. In fact, Enzo Perez suffered a nuisance in the first stage, but was able to complete the match. "Nothing happened to him. He had a movement in the first half, but it was mostly a scare. He ended up playing well after what happened to him, ”he explained about the midfielder. “We are playing the games that we have to play with the team that I think is the best to face it”justified.

Finally, he returned to self-criticism: “Today we lost and played badly. When you play badly, you lose. It is done. Now we have to get up because we have very nice things to play. ”

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