"The derby arrives at a bad time for Sporting and for Oviedo"


Gijon, Nov. 10 (EFE) .- Sporting goalkeeper Diego Marino, who yesterday met a hundred games as a rojiblanco, acknowledged that "the derby does not come in good time for either team" something that, in his opinion , it can be an "opportunity to return to give a good image and give moral to both the team and the fans".

Sporting fell in El Molinon against Numancia that took advantage of a defensive error to score the goal that ultimately gave victory what led Marino to condemn that they were not the team they want to be and that if they did not manage to be a compact team "They will become very vulnerable."

"It was a very hard blow, nobody expected it," said the goalkeeper who believes that there is a lot of league "and the distances are still salvageable," but he also acknowledged that "this speech will no longer be worth soon" so they should get hooked "if the goal is really to be in the top positions".

Asked about the match against Real Oviedo next day, Marino said that "a derby is always a derby, regardless of the position it occupies," but also noted that "looking at the table is not good for anyone." EFE


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