The development of Ferrari in 2019 has "exceeded expectations"


After choosing a low drag aerodynamic philosophy and despite promising winter trials, the Scuderia Ferrari had a complicated first half of the year. In a high-performance single-seater but difficult to place in the right window of operation were added questionable tactical choices, individual errors and reliability issues. While Mercedes chained the doubles and raked the points that would allow him to seal the two world titles at several Grands Prix at the end of the season, Maranello was looking for.

Finally, and considering the beginning of the year, Ferrari focused its development work on the search for more aero support and, from the GP of France, the pieces of the puzzle began to assemble. Indeed, during the round of Castellet, the team has simply abandoned a new flat bottom when she found a development problem. At the end of the truce at the end of August, the Prancing Horse has lined up three consecutive successes, its first of the year, and was equally at ease on the tracks where its great power and its weak trail have done wonders only on more sinuous paths.

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Speaking shortly before the US Grand Prix, where the performance of the SF90 surprised by their discretion after six consecutive poles, Mattia Binotto, main team of the Italian team, explained that the development had "exceeded expectations", before adding to : "It shows in the end how more support can help or not help the overall performance of the car." "The level of sensitivity to support on this type of tire is very important, and as a result I think that even if you progress slightly, you get more than you can expect. "

"It's probably because of the confidence, the pilots feel better grip, they're going to improve their own performance even more, it's the sum of the things that help." In Singapore, we brought our [new] package [aero] It was not the only one, but it was certainly significant, and if you look at the gain in lap times we had in subsequent races, it was slightly above our expectations. "

Even though there were questions after Austin about the Ferrari's sudden deceleration following the Technical Directive, which formally prohibited certain practices at the power unit level, Binotto, before the event, put the spotlight on the work on the power unit. support. "We have improved our car cornering, we have narrowed the gap with the top teams in this area, so we are much closer now, we still have our advantage in straight lines, so overall the package has progressed and, in qualifying, we are now often faster and we are clearly competitive in the race. "

Interview by Scott Mitchell

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