The elected of Orsi and Gomez to defend the tip in Ciudadela – Tucuman


After equalizing in 1 against All Boys, San Martin will receive Jujuy Gymnastics this Sunday at 18 in the Citadel looking to take hold at the tip of zone 2 of the First National. The pair Favio Orsi – Sergio Gomez confirmed after training this morning the list of 20 concentrates facing the clash with the 'Wolf', which marches 9th. with 13 points.

The great doubt in San Martin is to know the name of the replacement of 'Turbo' Rodriguez, suspended after the meeting in Floresta. Fissore could return to ownership by Bellone, while Uruguayan Luis Aguiar could enter through the 7 surgeon.

The 11 of the Saint would be: Ignacio Arce; Pier Barrios, Emiliano Amor, Abel Luciatti and Lucas Diarte; Claudio Mosca, Juan Mercier, Mauro Bellone or Matias Fissore and Nicolas Castro; Luis Aguiar; Luciano Pons.

The duo concentrates are:

Archers: Ignacio Arce, Pedro Fernandez.

Defenders: Rodrigo Moreira, Pier Barrios, Abel Luciatti, Emiliano Purita, Lucas Diarte, Emiliano Amor.

Midfielders: Juan Mercier, Claudio Mosca, Matias Fissore, Nicolas Castro, Luis Aguiar, Ignacio Gonzalez, Mauro Bellone, Gonzalo Lamardo, Fernando Brandan.

Forwards: Lucas Gonzalez, Luciano Pons, Ramiro Costa.

The referee will be Pablo Dovalo and the match will be televised by TycSports Play.

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