The emotional minute of silence that took place in Concepcion by victims in social crisis | sports


This Sunday, the Chilean soccer officially returned to the courts, waiting for what happens next weekend with the 2019 National Tournament, the First B and the Second Professional Division.

Despite this, this Sunday Deportes Concepcion started the dream of returning to professionalism by receiving Provincial Ovalle. The "Leon de Collao" received the northern cadre in the Ester Roa Rebolledo of the Biobio region, an instance where an emotional moment was lived.

This because next to the banners and canvases in support of social demands that are requested against the government of Sebastian Pinera, both clubs provided a minute of silence in memory of the victims who have left police and military repression after the social outbreak that is lived a few weeks ago in our country.

In absolute silence, the screens of the sports venue showed the images and names of the victims who, so far, has left the repression of police and military, while the curfew In a large part of the country.

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