The emotional story of the fan who cried when I rang I am Sabalero in La Nueva Olla


"It's 38 years of seeing Columbus," Dario said when asked about what went through his mind at the time: "I remembered the trips, the drinks, the lost finals." It's police in the city of Santa FeHe has a wife and a son. Of course, it goes without saying that they are all "race."

Dario traveled to Paraguay Only on tour because he couldn't get more tickets. At first he was not going to travel, but his father encouraged him. “What you are going to live, nobody saw it. They are hundreds of generations that died without seeing Colon champion". Those were the words that were enough to get the ticket, book the trip and leave for Asuncion.

Historically, members of the Genolet family are fans of Columbus. "I have been on the field since I was two years old, our grandparents, parents and uncles are sabaleros," the man told Santa Fe Air.

Santa Fe cumbia in its maximum splendor in Paraguay .. “I am Sabalero” to the rhythm of @lospalmerasoficial and the crowd gets excited ⚫️

Sad, that's how it feels hours after the final that could not be, of the South American star that Columbus was about to paint in his story. "It was a hard blow, a crystal night that shattered ”, said Dario and added that "all this was a dream since we went to the final on September 26 and unfortunately did not happen."

But one result, although it is the most anticipated in the history of the club, does not change the feeling because, as Los Palmeras sang acclaimed by 35,000 Santa Fe souls, “black is a feeling that is truly carried and beats to the beat of the heart” . “Those who feel for Columbus is an unconditional love that is above all things. I also love my lady and my family, but what I feel for Columbus is particular, ”said Dario and summed up the sentiment of thousands of sabaleros.

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The man with the excited face who toured the world in a few seconds, said there is no place for reproach towards the players: "Valley Independent It started with a higher hierarchy and was superior soccer. ” But if there is something that you have no doubt is that "Columbus is great for the people." He cannot believe what he lived since he left his home in Santa Fe, the towns with red and mourning flags, the entire cities dressed in Columbus, the border full of T-shirts, downtown Asuncion, hotels, supermarkets. “It seemed that we left home and went to watch the game at Cemetery of the Elephants”, Recalled Dario.

"It was the purest expression of love towards a flag, a shirt, a club, a shield that I saw in my life," he said. "We are Columbus and this message came to the country and America," he said.

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Dario stressed the hospitality of the people in Paraguay who “made us feel at home. They gave us water on the way to La Nueva Olla and we got wet from the heat it was. ” In reference to the weather, he said that "the heat was unbearable and when the show ended the wind came and 20 degrees fell." However, he stressed that "wet or not, I wanted to bring the cup."

When he arrived at the hotel after the game, Dario had more than 100 messages. Family and friends told him that they saw him on TV, excited and singing "I am Sabalero" to the screams. Now he prepares to return home and be closer to Columbus than ever. Despite the defeat, the man of emotion that infected the viewers is confident that "a door opened and time will deposit the star we want."


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