The enigma of the owner of the Bugatti The Black Car resolved?


Since Bugatti presented The Black Car, a question always comes up in the debates: who is the owner of the Bugatti La Car Noire? It should be known that this hypercar is produced in a single copy, so it can not have multiple customers … To make matters worse, Bugatti wrote in his press release that the owner of this work of art is "a great lover of the brand "without giving more details. We said that this car belonged to Ferdinand Piech, then to Cristiano Ronaldo, before Bugatti put an end to this rumor.

If La Car Noire was indeed destined for Ferdinand Piech, this character left us last August. But then, if Piech has not 'validated' the purchase of The Black Car, what will become of it? Well, it is likely that Bugatti has attributed his model to another rich client! Badr Bin Saud (b14 on Instagram) is a serious candidate since in addition to having the means to afford this monster to 11 million euros excluding taxhe is a "big fan of the brand". As proof, he is the owner of several Bugatti, besides, he even offered at the time the prototype of the Bugatti Chiron which was exhibited in Geneva several years ago as well as the concept Vision Gran Turismo ( concept that joined the United States afterwards).

This Saudi prince travels regularly to France to join the Bugatti workshops; more reason to think that he can also be the owner of The Black Car. To top it off, Badr Bin Saud posted on Instagram July 16, 2019 (before the death of Piech) a photo of The Black Car taken outside. It may be a coincidence, but on October 31, he posted a second photo of the world's most expensive racing car. This shows that he is often in contact with The Black Car, which as a reminder, is only a prototype. The production car will only be manufactured and delivered in two years!

Do you think Badr Bin Saud is the new owner of The Black Car?

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