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By Ernesto Hadida

Wind farms blow winds of suspicion on Boca: to the investigation that Justice is carrying out on the purchase and sale of renewable energy concessions in which players such as Carlos Tevez or William Y Gustavo Barros Schelotto, now add the recent complaint of Mariana Nannis, ex-wife of Claudio Paul Caniggiawho claimed that "the bird" did millionaire business with "clean energy". The plot also includes the president's family Mauricio Macri and the one from the riverside club, Daniel Angelici.

The Justice investigates if these lands destined to produce electricity by means of renewable energies became a business for those who had obtained the adjudication of the State of those parks, and that later through a "railing" they were sold fraudulently to local and international investors. The maneuvers are under the magnifying glass of Federal Criminal and Correctional Court No. 8 in charge of Marcelo Martinez de Giorgi.

Among the documentation that works in the case, it is stated that Gianfranco Macri, brother of the president, charged at least 5 million dollars from one of the companies involved, and that "the Apache" He had a 10% stake in the business.

Another one that is in the sights of Justice is the Global Green Ricardone company, which was left with an important tender to produce biogas. Is property of Martin Alfredo Nacarato, of strong links with Juan Sebastian De Stefano, Angelici man and director of Legal Affairs of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI).

Carlos Tevez, another one involved in the cause (Nahuel Ventura / Chronicle).

The original complaint was promoted by the national deputy Rodolfo Tailhade before the Federal Justice, which now requests that it be called upon to declare Mariana Nannis, for his television statements this week, in which he said he had information about the millionaire businesses that her ex-husband made with the current government, including wind farm contracts.

Tailhade denounced in 2018 alleged irregularities in these operations by national government officials, who would have favored companies linked to the Macri family with six wind farm contracts.

The legislator asked the judge to request Nannis's statement for the interview he gave to the program "Involved", from America TV, where he pointed out that Caniggia in recent years "He has done very big business with the Government". "They are going to find out about the complaints that are going to be. There are many that are important. One of wind energy, of 3,000 million dollars".

Guillermo and Gustavo Barros Schelotto (Archive).

The role of football

By Carlos Stroker


The relationship between some men of power and Boca is not new. Carlos Tevez is an important player in the Boca world, and now appears in this new wind farm business. Due to this, it appears in the case that is in the Court of Martinez De Giorgi.

The relationship between Tevez and Macri was always good and it is known that they usually talk on the phone about the scaffolding of the driving team Gustavo Alfaro. It's more, "the Apache" He invited the president to his wedding.

A similar link exists with the twins Barros Schelotto, especially with Guillermo. Until the
Twins' sister was a candidate for a deputy in La Plata for Change, and is a faithful follower of macro ideas.

Now Claudio Caniggia appeared on the scene, following the complaint of his ex-wife. It was Macri, in his time as president xeneize, who managed to get the former striker to wear the blue and gold, and share equipment with Diego Maradona.

Caniggia, if Nannis extends his sayings to Justice, will have to go through Comodoro Py to discuss his contributions to the renewable energy park business.

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