The first law of karma


TO see, who are you who are watching the program of Alfonso Arus first thing in the morning in La Sexta? Come on, cowards, don't hide. Give your face What did you think, that you could see what you wanted without any consequence? How nice. That is the main problem we have in our society. That we do not realize the consequences of our actions. That we think we can do whatever we want and then Dad will come to get the chestnuts out of the fire. Well, no. I want names. Names and surnames of each spectator. Total, what harm could I do to see four videos of swine taken from youtube commented by the bald man and his band of forty teenagers while we had breakfast?

Well, too bad. Very much. The first law of karma ensures that whatever we do to the universe, the universe will return it to us multiplied by one hundred. Although in this case it has multiplied by one hundred thousand. «Aruser @ s» is having good audience results at nine in the morning at La Sexta, and Atresmedia has decided that the frontman who has more hair than grace makes the jump to the prime time of Antena 3 on Friday. "Arusitys Prime," apparently. In a couple of weeks. You could never imagine the content of the new space: impact videos taken from social networks, casual conversations about the heart and events, votes from viewers, any interviews with some celebrities?

Arus in the morning time is a small grain in the back. Arus in prime time is a gigantic purulent cyst at the tip of the nose. And those responsible for this seborrheic diffusion are the spectators of the current «Aruser @ s». That they assume their guilt, that they apologize to the rest of the Spaniards; In a word, they resign. And that the first law of television karma be learned, which ensures that what we do to the remote control, the remote control will return it to us multiplied by one hundred.

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