The general commander of the Bolivian Police joins the request for Evo Morales to resign


That high police command ratifies this request in a video posted on social networks.

The general commander of the Bolivian Police, Vladimir Yuri Calderon, has requested the resignation of the president of his country, Evo Morales, through a video he has spread on social networks this November 10.

This high police command has ensured that this request adds to the "request of the Bolivian people" and its goal is to "pacify" the nation in these "hard times it is going through."

The decision of this general comes after the pronouncement of the commander in chief of the Bolivian Armed Forces, Williams Kaliman, in which he also requested the resignation of Morales "before the escalation of conflict that crosses the country" and "watching over life and population security. "

On the other hand, Kaliman suggested to the sectors that carry out acts of protest "to depose the attitudes of violence and disorder between brothers" to avoid staining "with blood and pain" to the population.

Shortly before, Morales had called for new general elections in the South American nation "to seek peace in Bolivia" and in accordance with a suggestion from the Organization of American States (OAS).

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