the government "takes us for idiots", according to Xavier Bertrand


The government has presented, Wednesday, November 6, its immigration plan wanted as "a fair balance". The most emblematic measure, among the 20 exposed, is the introduction of "quotas" or "quantitative objectives exclusively" for professional immigration according to the branch of activity – and not of nationality – the extent of which must be determined each year.

On the issue of quotas and immigration, Xavier Bertrand reports remarks heard on the ground: "In immigration, we really took for cons". "We are in an operation of communication and propaganda, as if the question of quotas would solve everything"explains the president of the Hauts-de-France region.

And to add: "Behind the issue of quotas, another question arises: are we giving up the training of employees to those jobs that are available? Economic migration must be further reduced, everything depends on the needs (…) But that is not what will solve the problem (…) The fundamental problem in France is that those who have no titles to stay in France, do not leave. Decisions are not enforced ".

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