The harsh criticism of an official of the Headquarters of the Cabinet to the Church: "When there was poverty and everything was working, they would shut up"


One month before the change of government, the secretary of Institutional Strengthening of the Cabinet Office, Fernando Sanchez, he questioned the role of the Argentine Catholic Church during the years of Kirchnerism.

"I am very critical of my Catholic Church, because in reality when there was poverty and they struggled everything they shut up, and I don't like that, "said the leader of the Civic Coalition and one of the Elisa Carrio's trusted men in the cabinet

He added: "I say, 'Yes, poverty is what INDEC says' and it is a number that hurts a lot and is our responsibility, because we rule, but only four years. If we had been 12 years old, a lot of twine , as Cristina (Kirchner) had and capable that poverty was at 8 as they said it was, I wish it had been as they said it was ".

Speaking to Milenium radio, Sanchez said that "poverty in Argentina hurts and is what it is" He added that "it is much bigger than it should be with a country that has many opportunities and lost them during Kirchnerism, and that we do not take advantage of in that sense during our government."

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"I think it is possible an Argentina in which you are not robbed, in which we fight decidedly against insecurity and that we lower poverty and generate employment. You can, even if we don't all think alike, "said the Cabinet Headquarters official headed by Marcos Pena.

Sanchez pointed out that "it cannot be that 40 percent of Argentina, which is what we get in votes, only represents the fight against corruption, the fight against the mafias, only, which is not a small thing, the fight for institutionality , to be able to live in peace, to be able to respect journalism, to be able to respect each other but that we are not capable of some other things; and that on the other side they tell you 'I am going to fix your economy, salary and employment in 6 months' because it's not like that either. "

"Then, we must bring that together: I want our voters to demand us as they demanded that we fix the economy. And I want their voters, I speak of Alberto Fernandez, to demand no corruption, no violence when it comes to treating us. us and fight against drug trafficking. We must dimension Argentina's problems. Neither minimize nor maximize them. "

In another section of the interview, the official stressed that "we have to achieve an Argentina that can be of a dynamic economy so that everyone can be included " and stressed that "poverty has to be addressed immediately, with social policies, but it does not get out of poverty with social policies. It is addressed with social policies, it comes out in another way."

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