The image of a fan of Columbus excited in the previous game went around the world


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The anxiety of the fans dominated every moment before and after the encounter. The prelude to the meeting was marked by the rhythm of Los Palmeras and the presentation of the Puerto Rican singer, Luis Fonsi.

With a stadium with a capacity for 45 thousand souls, the more than 35 thousand sabaleros shook the stands to the rhythm of "Bombon killer", but the boiling point came with the chords of "Soy Sabalero".

Santa Fe cumbia in its maximum splendor in Paraguay .. “I am Sabalero” to the rhythm of @lospalmerasoficial and the crowd gets excited ⚫️

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The hymn that represents the red-and-white fan provoked the excitement of those present. It was at this moment that the cameras managed to capture an excited fan who, on the verge of tears and a disheveled face, tried to sing the song.

The image of Dario Genolet went around the world in a matter of minutes, his expression became the mirror of all the colonists, both those present and those who had to witness the game against Independiente del Valle in the distance.

Genolet is a declared sabalero fanatic, this is evident in his different social network profiles where his posts are linked to all the events that have as a protagonist the club that stole his heart.

The emotion of this fan stole all the attention in the previous of an event that will mark the history of Columbus, not for the result of the game, but for the demonstration of affection of 35 thousand sabalera souls.

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