The last date of the League of Colonies was disputed


Reach the final with confidence

Deportivo Baru beat Baylina B 3 to 1 and arrives with confidence at the grand finale next weekend, where he will seek to be an annual champion. Walter Castillo twice and Benjamin Mengeon scored Baru's goals, while for Baylina he dipped Pabo Loker.Advertising

Good win

In the second match of the day Berduc won 2 to 1 to the set of General Urquiza A, the goals of Barca were converted by their scorer Gonzalo Bourlot, while for the Clarita team Sergio "Beba" Buffet scored.Advertising

A pretty Devil Saint

In the third game of the night San Antonio had no mercy on General Urquiza A and won 6 to 0, for the team “of the people” they scored: Javier Combet on three occasions, Fabio Berdala x 2 and Daniel Barrios.Advertising Advertising

I win without playing

In the fourth game of the night Sportivo V.C kept the three points without having played since his rival Deportivo Calle Ancha did not show up to play, something he had done a couple of dates ago …Advertising Advertising

The Devil closed with a triumph

Independiente de Jubileo won Deportivo Hambis 2 to 0, it was an entertaining match but the “red” had forcefulness, Pablo Segovia and Victor Ruiz Diaz were the scorers of the match.Advertising

A hurricane turned to the champion …

The best game of the night was the last one, without a doubt since Hurricane won the champion Baylina A in his own house by 4 to 3. Hurricane started asleep and the homeowner started to take advantage of Juan Wicky's hand , but the "balloon" went in search of a tie and at 20 minutes Ariel Constantin head decreed equality after the great center of Lucas Lugrin, so the first stage would end.

In the second stage Hurricane went out to win the game and quickly turned the story around with so much Lucas Lugrin, the kids of Colonia Hoker was still celebrating when Esteban Vallorys put the 2 to 2. Hurricane went out to kill or die since he had to win by a difference of two goals to be champion, so that in one against and with some fortune Hurricane achieved 3 to 2, Mariano Francou wanted to assist Lugrin, but the ball deflected in a defense, hurricane went in search of the fourth and He found it, pass Lugrin and both Captain Brian Acosta. With that result Hurricane stayed with the runner-up, but Hector Bogao with two minutes left in the final 4-3 and relegated him to Hurricane to third place, in the same way the Hoker team put a barbarian closure since three dates ago I was eighth and finished 3rd.Advertising

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