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This Saturday The fire lion that paralyzed the fans of Students at the opening of its new stadium

Students of La Plata inaugurated its new stadium with more than 30 thousand people who enjoyed a great show and a day full of emotions, which culminated with a match between players of all ages of the club and that were part of the return party to 1 and 57 after more than 14 years.

The doors of the stadium opened minutes before 17 and an hour later the club president, Sebastian Veron, received the current squad and different generations that had gathered in City Bell to get all together to the new house of the "Pincha" .

The president guided them on a tour of the brand new facilities that were reproduced on different screens. At 20 the show began with a chapter of The Simulators, followed by a light and sound show.

Later Diego Torres sang and minutes before 21 Veron, together with former presidents and Marta Cheves (historical employee of the club), proceeded to the cutting of tapes.

Among those present was the mayor of La Plata, Julio Garro, who stressed that "you have to congratulate Students for the work they did for this city."

Also invited was Mariano Elizondo, president of the Super League, who highlighted the work and said: "This is a symbol of what we want for Argentine football. It is a wonderful stadium and we must congratulate all the students."

After the ribbon cutting, Veron spoke to the people and said: "It's a great day for the club. We had to be at this moment and we could finish it. It has to be a starting point, a place that we all must take care and enjoy. We think of a modern stadium, with the best technology. I am very happy and I want to remind everyone who is not today. "

There were players from different eras of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s until today. The biggest cheers were Alejandro Sabella, Rodrigo Brana, Ernesto "Tecla" Farias, Juan Ramon Veron, Marcelo Trobbiani and many others.

"It is a pride to have such a stadium, at the height of our history. One is very happy that the club continues to grow and that the fans take care of it," Farias said in press statements.

And the "Huesito" Luciano Galletti, another of those who was very excited, contributed: "Many of us who are here today debuted on this court, so it is a great happiness to be able to return home. It's exciting and the stadium is great level, it has some things that look like the stadiums of Europe. "

It all ended after a while of football with an Olympic return very celebrated by the more than 30 thousand people and a shocking fireworks show.

The party will be repeated tomorrow from 18, while the first official game will be played on Saturday 30 at 17.35 against Atletico Tucuman, for the 15th date of the Super League.

After a pilgrimage through different stadiums, which ended with yesterday's victory Friday in the City of La Plata over Workshops in Cordoba, Students finally returned to their old house 1 and 57, the corner from which he built his identity.

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