The living room door ripped off by thugs


In Ouangani, in the center of the island, a family watched helplessly as their home was ransacked by young delinquents

It is with disarray that Hadidja Moissi looks at the door of her living room, at least what remains of it. A large part of the wooden door was ripped off by young people who entered her home on Sunday, November 10, around three in the morning. A few hours earlier, at 8 pm, when she, her husband and their eldest son were away from home, they had to go into disaster:

my neighbor called me and told me to come back quickly because they were breaking everything at home. As we were in Sada, we first stopped at the gendarmerie to ask them to come, but they already knew about it. When we got here, we found our daughter crying and they had already torn the door.

breaking in

Pebbles, shoes, gloves were left by the thugs in their flight. Neighbors allow them to sleep with relative tranquility by replacing the broken door with a makeshift door until the next day.
At three o'clock in the morning, the group of teenagers returns even more unchained. Locked up in their bedroom with their children, Hadidja Moissi holds her husband away so that he does not have to confront the young thugs. Hooligans who cut off the electricity meter to prevent any action of the couple.

breaking in

Today, she relies on God and feels lucky, that they did not have the idea to physically attack them.

Fortunately, our rooms are protected by doors

she sighs, looking at her young children.

This Sunday morning, with her neighbors, they notice the damage and tell the story of this outburst of violence. For the mother of five children, if their house was the target, it's because they live at the entrance to Ouangani. Indeed, it is still there that begin the clashes. In the neighborhood, most of Hadidja Moissi's neighbors erected solid fences to protect their property. The owner of his home promises to install grills. Hadidja Moissi is angry and attacks the parents who protect their children:

every time they say no, it is not their children who are attacking people. I'm not going to stop there. I will do a customs at the mosque. God will know what to do.

God, the only hope of a family who still expects the worst this night, even though their house has no door.

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