The march against Islamophobia is "unbearable", according to Gabriel Attal


INTERVIEWDuring the Grand Rendez-vous, Gabriel Attal, Secretary of State to the Minister of National Education and Youth, reacted to the demonstration against Islamophobia, scheduled in Paris on Sunday, calling it "unbearable ".

"You have in this demonstration, people who embody the communitarian Islamist," he says. Gabriel Attal clarified his remarks by defining these individuals as "people who have the feeling that they will live better between them than in the Republic. "

Opposed to the march against Islamophobia, he assured that in his call to demonstrate, was "a criticism of the founding laws of the Republic", including "the law of 2004 on the ban on the veil in schools".

"Everyone has a place in the Republic"

If the Secretary of State admits that there is a "malaise" because "Muslims feel discriminated against", he wants to be a rallying party. "Everyone has a place in the Republic, regardless of religion, as long as it does not encroach on the laws of the Republic," he warns.

Municipal communitarian lists: measures announced soon

Convinced to fight effectively against this retreat, Gabriel Attal also reviewed the measures taken by the government against the most precarious, citing the "doubling of funding from the National Agency for Urban Renewal (ANRU)," " the fight against unworthy housing "or" employment in neighborhoods especially for young people ".

Faced with journalists, he was more vague about the fear of communitarian lists in the municipal. Assuring that the "risk exists", he simply asserted that "measures will be presented by the government".

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