The MI5 of the United Kingdom directs an operation to protect the phones of the parliamentarians of the "hackers of Russia": Reports


The UK’s national counterintelligence and security agency, also known as MI5, is conducting a top-secret operation to protect the monarchy’s phone numbers from Russian hackers, The Mirror newspaper reported.

According to the media, which does not provide any evidence of Russia's participation in the alleged cyber attacks or refers to any credible source, it was ordered to take "unprecedented measures" for the protection of the devices after it was discovered that Several phones in the British Parliament were targeting hackers.

The Mirror added that parliamentarians received the corresponding warnings and that, on the recommendation of MI5, personal and political communications were suspended.

The United Kingdom and the United States affirm that the alleged Russian hackers "kidnapped" the Iranian cyber operation to attack several installations

The newspaper reported that agents were instructed not to disclose information about the alleged interference of "foreign power" and not to use the devices until measures were taken against their wiretapping.

One of the members of Parliament, whose name did not cite the media, said he was informed of the "concerted effort" to hack his accounts from abroad.

This is not the first time that the UK authorities accuse Russia of an unauthorized attempt to access classified information; however, evidence has never been provided.


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