the most famous clashes between Aulas and the presidents of OM


There was a life at OL before the arrival of the president of Jean-Michel Aulas in 1987. And already clashes with OM. "The beginnings of a rivalry" in 1950, according to the museum's director, Stephane Benas, during a match between the OL and the B team in Marseille who will then declare. Or again the victory Lyon sending OM in D2 in 1981. But everything changed, really changed, in the years 2000, 2010. Aulas, arrived at the head of the OL with the support of Bernard Tapie, transformed the club . And the rivalry with Marseille has grown over the duels between the two Olympics.

Diouf in 2009: "The last posturing of the champion"

At the peak of his career with seven consecutive titles between 2002 and 2008, OL had its hegemony contested during the 2008-2009 season. For its part, OM did not win any title since 1992 (that of 1993 was officially withdrawn after the VA-OM affair). On May 17, 2009, Marseille receives Lyon on behalf of the 36th day. Players Jean-Michel Aulas already know that they will not be champions for an eighth year in a row, but can still play the spoilsports while Marseille and Bordeaux are fighting for the title.

"Sunday, we will attend the latest gestures of the champion," said loose OM President Pape Diouf, in the wake of several episodes between the two clubs as the complicated transfer of prodigy Hatem Ben Arfa, formed in Lyon and left in 2008 at the rival's. But with a doubling of local striker Karim Benzema and a goal from Juninho, Lyon wins (3-1) and shower the hopes of its competitor. Pape Diouf and Jose Anigo then confide in private that this title would have had a special flavor that season with Eric Gerets as a coach. President since autumn 2004, Pape Diouf is thanked in the process and leaves office.

Jean-Claude Dassier succeeds him at the head of the OM in June 2009 and gets the title in the first season with Didier Deschamps, who has a sufficient aura to calm tensions. But driven by the good results of his team, the new Olympian leader did not hesitate anyway to go to the clash with Aulas, wanting "out of the head-to-head between Thiriez and Aulas" and not hesitating to point the finger in his opinion the influence of the president lyonnais on the instances of football. The second season of the Deschamps mandate will be punctuated by a second place behind Lille of Rudi Garcia, but ahead of Lyon.

The video file of Labrune

After this rather calm period in the common history of the two Olympics, Vincent Labrune, inducted in June 2011, will largely fuel this rivalry with Jean-Michel Aulas during his stay, until 2016. During the 2014-2015 season, Labrune even compiles a video file, sent to the FFF, on arbitration errors that the OM would have been victim by comparing them with those that would have favored the OL. The motive of this paranoid tendency? Lyon is preparing a few months later to return to its new stadium, the "Parc OL", and would need the financial windfall from a qualification in the Champions League to stay in balance. Labrune and many supporters are convinced that OM have been disadvantaged to the detriment of OL. Aulas then denounces a "denunciation never seen".

Aulas: "I told Labrune it was a guignol "

In the offseason of 2015, the Lyon president has a passion for Marseille players. Jeremy Morel arrives directly from Provence, Mathieu Valbuena arrives him after a passage in Russia. Only the folder Nicolas Nkoukou top. "In the same way that PSG does not have 100 million to buy Lacazette, OL can not afford to buy Nkoulou," Labrune size. But the highlight remains this meeting of 20 September 2015, marked by the return of Mathieu Valbuena at the Stade Velodrome.

Hostile banners, waves of insults, gallows where the attacking midfielder is represented as a hanged man in the stands of the North Turn … The meeting overflows and is momentarily suspended at the hour of play after a shower of projectiles. Deeply annoyed, Jean-Michel Aulas will rise to the crease after the match (1-1). "I told Vincent Labrune (the president of the time of OM, Ed) that it was a puppet and it would last less than he imagined in football because we do not can not afford to play with the safety of people and have fun playing the clown, it's irresponsible. "

Eyraud in front of "Don Giovanni Michele"

With the arrival in 2016 of Franck McCourt, the new American owner of OM, Jacques-Henri Eyraud then succeeds Vincent Labrune as president. If "JHE" is more discreet than his predecessor facing microphones and cameras, that did not prevent him from having some passes also with his counterpart Lyon. But a recurrence: Eyraud also criticizes Aulas on the subject of arbitration. As after the OM-OL of March 2018, the most tense of all, concluded on a general fight.

"He built a network of influence, powers (…) I want to believe that this influence is exercised in respect of a moral and principles", implies Eyraud, renaming Aulas "Don Giovanni Michele "In an interview with La Provence in 2018." In general, I would say that he farted the lead because I am shocked by these personal attacks, "quickly counterattack Aulas. But on the side of Marseille leaders, we also sometimes questioned some administrative sanctions, including those for smoke where the OM has been sanctioned more than the OL.

It is this season that OM goes to the Europa League final in Lyon. The song "Aulas, we'll break everything at your house" is all the rage. But OM loses. "I have a thought for OM who lost everything in our stadium," said Aulas. The following season, May 12, 2019, OL won 3-0 at the Velodrome. "I met him in the elevator, Eyraud was devastated," rejoices Jean-Michel Aulas, which implies that he does not speak to him because he is neither the boss nor the owner, unlike Frank McCourt. An absent boss. That night, while OL are guaranteed to play the next Champions League, the speech of Aulas drives the point. He recalls that he is a "child of Marseille" and speaks of a "club with a story". The affront is total: the OM is then more defended by the president of the OL than by his own. In private, Aulas coward he does not like Eyraud, his arrogance, and that he is a little blue flower in football.

"It is better to have President Aulas with you than against himself"

It is however in Eyraud that the Lyon president will ask for advice before hiring Rudi Garcia. The choice, very surprising, that makes this OM-OL November 2019 even more boiling, given the welcome that the Velodrome will reserve for his former coach. As early as his presentation conference, Garcia showed the color. "I was a little lonely, confessed the new coach of the OL on his Marseille passage.I am not there to brush in the direction of the hair my leaders, because I spent the age, but I think it's better to have President Jean-Michel Aulas with you than against himself. " He still praised Eyraud Friday, two days of his return to Marseille. Where many supporters, especially the younger generation, consider that the rivalry with OL is now stronger than the one against the PSG, too unbalanced. But the Marseillais insist on a point for Sunday: they celebrate in priority the 120 years of the club and this story must take over the return of a man who was only passing through Marseille.

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