The most important thing to FCB against BVB: The grand finale for President Hoeneb



German football experienced a historic break on 15 November: Uli Hoeneb resigned after 40 years his offices at Bayern and retires from the front row. Hoeness sees his presidential final today, in the league summit against Borussia Dortmund. Is there a last party?
Uli Hoeneb says goodbye: Bayern without Uli Hoeneb. That still sounds unimaginable. But on Friday, November 15, it will be ready. Then the president will not stand again at the annual general meeting. In parallel, he will retire from the chairmanship of the Supervisory Board. That he will continue to have a great influence at the Munich Success Club, that's for sure. His alleged successor, Herbert Hainer, is a close friend. How the relationship between club and alpha animal a. D. then rearranged – unclear. That Mr. FC Bayern but continue to like to be available, he has indeed announced. So be it: Ironically, the top match of the football league of his Bayern against Borussia Dortmund (from 6.30 pm in the live ticker at is now its last in official function. Sounds weird? But that's the way it is.

Bayern – BVB, 18.30 clock

FC Bayern Munich: New – Pavard, Martinez, Alaba, Davies – Kimmich – Gnabry, Muller, Goretzka, Coman – Lewandowski. – Coach: Flick
Borussia Dortmund: Burki – Piszczek, Akanji, Hummels, Schulz – Witsel, Delaney – Hakimi, Brand, Hazard – Idol. – Coach: Favre
Referee: Felix Zwayer (Berlin)
Spectator: 75,000 (sold out)

Flick may not talk about his future: Hansi Flick blocked all questions about his future career at Bayern. "The match against Dortmund is the finish line and we want to go through it with a win, that's what drives me," said the interim coach on Friday afternoon. For the second time he had stepped as a boss in front of the press. For the second and possibly last time. Because until the 23rd of November, until the next game of the Munich – between them is now international break – the coaching question should be clarified, according to Hoeneb. It seems unlikely, if not impossible, that Flick is eligible for permanent engagement. A strong performance against BVB would provide good arguments. Flick sees it for the time being as relaxed as possible: "Bayern will make his decision."

Flicks FC Bayern trusts the Kovac School (II): As with the 2: 0 in the Champions League against Olympiakos Piraeus in the first game under his leadership, Flick wants to draw the focus of the team on the defense against BVB. "We did a great job centering on the defensive," said Flick in a series of goals conceded in recent games. That is a – as before the game against Piraeus already wrote – quite remarkable defensive cynicism, After all, Flick's boss predecessor, Niko Kovac, who was redeemed on Sunday night, had always accused her in Munich of a way too defensive thinking and approach.

Kimmich is not a leader – says Lewandowski: It's not that the kriselnde Bayern did not have any leaders. Two Robert Lewandowski have come up with a conversation with the "Suddeutsche Zeitung": he himself and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. It's just that, complained the Munich Torgarantie: "An axis that consists only of Neuer and Lewandowski is too little." And then practiced little subtle criticism of the teammate. Because Lewandowski said: "There should be a leader in every part of the team, in each line: goalkeeper, defender, one from the midfield, one from the offensive, that would be perfect, one player can not lead all, that's too much, that is impossible." So also in defense and midfield, the sphere of action of young star Joshua Kimmich, the striker does not see a leader. His unflattering explanation for missing "commands" of younger colleagues: "If you are used to the specifications of coaches from an early age, you lose the individual things, your own thinking." From club and "chief critic" Kimmich there is no reaction. Maybe after the game, that would be exciting.


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"Without fear": Lucien Favre, here with Mats Hummels.

(Photo: imago images / Team 2)

BVB bravely defies the horror: 0: 5, 0: 6, 1: 4, 1: 5 – the fearsome results of the last games at Bayern hunt Borussia Dortmund no fear. In any case, BVB has gained new self-confidence from the small, current winning streak. The belief in the first league victory in the Munich Arena since April 12, 2014 is great. After the furious 3: 2 in the Champions League Stadium announcer Norbert Dickel was already barking at the fans against Inter Milan on Tuesday: "We'll knock the Bayern off!" Coach Lucien Favre, always significantly less emotion than Dickel, assured, after all, that you will run "without fear". Zorc meanwhile made a clear appeal to the team: "We do not need to talk much about tactics, they have to play men's football and that will be the deciding factor."

An important opportunity for Hummels: In the squad of Joachim LOw for the completion of the European Championship qualification Mats Hummels is missing as expected, But in the first round highlight, the center-back is in full focus. His delicate job: He is to stop at the old site of the Munich goalie Robert Lewandowski. Hummels is not only challenged against the superior Poland, he is also in demand as a psychologist. When it was important for the title fight last season, the 5: 0 success of Bayern, he had "from the beginning, the feeling that we will win". Therefore, he now demanded of his teammates: "We must not give them exactly this feeling." Hummels also has the opportunity to continue advertising for a return to the national team. Most recently, Oliver Bierhoff had said: "From the beginning we never excluded that Hummels could return."

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