The most sincere Pique: “ Now nobody calls me, they are fed up '' – Ten


The central Barcelona, the Spanish Gerard Pique, granted an interview for The weekly country in which he talked about his busy life in business and even his family life, a few days before he started one of his big projects, the Davis cup.

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Busy life

'' I barely sleep four or five hours. I lack time for everything. In the club they have understood and there are no problems. I use my free time to dedicate it to what I like. ''

His controversies

'' I have a good time, I have to find incentives, there are times that I look for a motivation and when winning in opposing fields they ask you even more. I know when I'm going to roll it and I do it because I feel like it. I consider it part of the show. More when we see that often, almost everything is a lie. In the end, two days later nobody remembers what you said. You go out there, you can let go of a falsehood and it doesn't matter. ''

Reactions by his words

'' My mother and father are the ones who get me the most when I make a mess. Also my representative, Arturo Canales, especially when I started. I got into scrubs and they had me half an hour on the phone. Now nobody calls me anymore. They are fed up. In entrepreneur mode I go more moderate. ''

Political thinking

'' When people vote, they do it in secret. Why do players force us to position ourselves? I can advocate or defend the right to decide how I have defended La Roja with the national team for 14 years. Sport and politics go hand in hand, always. The Copa del Rey is called del Rey; When you play an international game the hymns sound, and that is political. That athletes cannot get wet? Host! We have the same right to be citizens as anyone

Personal circle

'' It's hard to cultivate real friendships now. People like me attract, seduce. That's why I protect myself. I don't open easily, I can even seem distant. ''

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Family life

'' The older one is more soccer player and the little one more artist. Milan is passionate. He is six years old and knows things that I do not even know: lineups, teams … The other day I was training with a team that we have formed with the children of Luis (Suarez) and Messi, they scored a goal and said 'This is like the that Kroos scored in the European Championship against Sweden. ' I was amazed. He gets on youtube and it's like a sponge. The other is more fanciful, plays the drums. Football costs more. ''

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