The moving image of a Columbus fan who travels the world


Colon Live an unforgettable moment. Beyond what happened in the game, the Sabalero gave a huge show of love for his colors. Almost 40 thousand fans of the Santa Fe group went to Asuncion, Paraguay, to closely follow the end of the South American Cup before Valley Independent.

One of the most emotional moments occurred before the duel began, precisely in the show that gave Los Palmeras, fans of Columbus. In a stadium filled by Argentine supporters, the cameras of the official transmission focused on the stands, just when one of the fans broke into tears, as if he could not believe that his team was in the final of the South American.

A fan of Columbus cries before the game (Photo: Capture Directv Sports).
A fan of Columbus cries before the game (Photo: Capture Directv Sports).

The fan of Columbus occupied the center of Asuncion to support his team before the final of the South American on Saturday against the Independiente del Ecuadorian Valley.

In fact, Columbus would be looking to beat the Guinness record of clubs that dragged the largest number of supporters to a match played in a foreign country.

According to the migration office, they arrived in Asuncion about 40,000 Argentines from the different border points that separate the two countries.

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