The mystery of cocaine packages stranded on the beaches of the Atlantic


It is stamped "brilliant" or "diamante". Presumably to indicate the quality. In fact, the analysis of the first samples spoke, and it is a cocaine pure to nearly 90% which runs aground for three weeks in bales of one kilo on all the Atlantic coast.

In the current state of the investigation, the source is still unknown. The only certainty: according to the winds and the tides, nearly 150 kilos have already been found. The largest seizures were made by the customs officers.

Friday, according to Le Figaro, those of La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime) have recovered in one day nearly 36 kg, for a value of more than 3 million euros, scattered over ten kilometers between the beaches of Capbreton and Vieux -Boucau (Landes). At the same time, a little further north, their colleagues from Arcachon (Gironde) doubled the stake, with 73 kg harvested between Lege-Cap-Ferret and Lacanau, even though the quantities remain difficult to evaluate, "some bales being soaked in water, "says a source close to the survey.

"Be careful not to believe in a TV series"

Few beaches would be spared, from Pornic (Loire-Atlantique) to the Basque Country. To get their hands on these astronomical quantities of drugs, important means have been deployed, including helicopters from the gendarmerie. "In the Basque Country alone, there are already several dozen kilos that have been discovered, assesses this source. The bundles were perfectly packaged, as when they came directly from South America. "

/ LP Infographic
/ LP Infographic

Another source confirms that the rate of strandings has accelerated this weekend. "Since Friday morning, we recover almost every hour. So much so that the authorities warn the potential amateurs who would be tempted by this funny fishing on foot during this long weekend. "Be careful not to believe in a television series, warns an investigator. On the one hand, the risks are important from the legal point of view. On the other hand, whoever has the desire to sell his find would expose himself to other risks by spawning with real thugs … "

As for the person or those who would be tempted to consume it, they must know that the purity of this almost uncut drug would not fail to leave traces on their health. So far, it is already fifty pounds that were unearthed by private individuals, and entrusted to the police force, after being mostly harvested in Vendee. All were packed in the same way, under several layers of black plastic and transparent cellophane.

Several scenarios considered

In the current state of the investigations, several hypotheses are advanced concerning their origin. A sailboat from the West Indies or South America could have been caught in a storm, or forced for some unknown reason to dump her cargo.

The fall of a container from a freighter is also considered, as well as the track, more likely, a voluntary drop from a large boat. "In this case, smaller vessels are loaded, at sea, to recover a marked commodity, says this source. One can imagine that this operation was missed, and that the bales were scattered with the currents. "

In September, bales of identical appearance were found far from the French beaches, along the coast of Florida in the United States.

A container filled with drugs in Le Havre Nearly 600 kilos of cocaine were seized this week in a container landed in the port of Le Havre (Seine-Maritime). According to the first elements of the investigation carried out by the Central Office for the Suppression of Illicit Traffic in Narcotics (OCRTIS) of the Judicial Police, the cargo was from Brazil.

In the wake of this seizure, three suspects were arrested by the French police who act on rogatory commission of a magistrate of the interregional specialized jurisdiction (JIRS) of Lille (North). Three men, including a minor, have been brought in the last hours. Only the minor was released.

The seized goods represent tens of millions of euros. Once again, the port of Le Havre was chosen by the traffickers. The Normandy port area is one of the main gateways to cocaine in France and Europe.

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