The nightmare that Bravo lived in the first 15 'against Liverpool


In the match of the Premier League date, Liverpool received Manchester City from Claudio Bravo, who returned to ownership due to the injury he suffered Ederson during the midweek game in the Champions League against Atalanta.

But the start of the game at Anfield was a nightmare for Bravo, who received two goals in the first two shots of the match. All that when the stopwatch just marked 15 minutes of play.

In both actions the Chilean had no major responsibility. The first of the match would arrive in the sixth minute of the work of Fabinho who would finish off from outside the area to put the home team ahead, this after a controversial move in the area of Liverpool where those led by Pep Guardiola They claimed for an alleged criminal.

The second goal would come in the 13th minute, after a quick exit from Liverpool that would culminate in the goal of Mohamed Salah who with an unattainable header for Bravo would score 2-0 that would remain until the end of the first half.

Despite the goals, Bravo had two notable saves in the 37 'and 45', in the first the Chilean deflected the auction of Roberto Firmino which finished off first towards the arch of the citizens, then Salah fired from outside the area and Bravo responded in a great way to keep the partial 2-0.

Already in the second half, on the first arrival of those directed by Jurgen Klopp, Sadio Mane He scored 3-0 in a play that the goalkeeper citizens had a weak response to the Senegalese header, because the Chilean wanted to cut the center of Henderson, but he hesitated and left the second stick free for Mane to define completely free.

The match would finally end 3-1 in favor of Liverpool, who remain as undefeated pointers in the English league and extend the difference with nine points Manchester City.

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