‘The other is fighting the descent’, criticizes ‘Negro’ Santos to Alan Pulido


CDMX.- Charles ‘Negro’ Santos, former player of America, criticized again Alan Polished, noting that he makes goals with Chivas, but to fight not to descend, instead of fighting for a title.

On his Twitter account, ‘Negro’ Santos resumed a post, highlighting the goals of Pulido and those of Henry Martin, since both appear on the scoreboard and are Mexican.

Santos said that if Pulido is not given the penalties, to jump, he does not appear in the matches.

One (Henry Martin) plays to win the championship, the other (Alan Pulido) is fighting the descent, ”he said.

In 11 games, Henry Martin has scored eight goals with America, while Pulido has scored nine goals in 16 duels with Chivas.

For its part, America already achieved its pass to liguilla, while Chivas He is almost eliminated from playing the Big Opening Party 2019 and is in penultimate position in the percentage table.

In the past, Santos had also criticized that Alan Pulido was considered 'crack', when he only scored two or three goals per tournament.

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