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Elections in Spain. Nets

Madrid, Nov 10 (Sputnik) .- The participation in the general elections that Spain holds this Sunday falls by 4 percentage points compared to the one registered in April at this time, according to provisional data released by the Ministry of Interior.

Specifically, Interior reported that at 6:00 p.m. (local time) the participation stood at 56.8 percent, a percentage lower than 60.7 percent recorded at the same time in the elections of April 28.

At the April meeting, the final participation data was 71.76 percent, the highest in the last decade.

During the campaign, the experts predicted a decrease in the participation in the elections this Sunday compared to April because it is an electoral repetition after a failed legislature in which the parties did not agree to form a Government.

However, in recent weeks Spain experienced moments of political turmoil with riots in Catalonia, the exhumation of Franco, or the possibility of the rise of the extreme right, which can function as an antidote to a possible increase in abstention.

The Secretary of State for Communication, Miguel Angel Oliver, appeared again at a press conference this afternoon to communicate the provisional data and highlight that the election day "runs normally."

At the moment, the only notable events during the day are the death of two people due to natural causes in voting centers in Granada and Guipuzcoa and the arrest of a man for entering with a loaded firearm in an electoral college in Catalonia.

In the general elections of Spain, 350 parliamentarians are elected to make up the Congress of Deputies (lower house) and 208 representatives for the Senate (upper house).

After the elections, the King of Spain, Felipe VI, will designate as candidate for the presidency of the Government the candidate he considers with more options to be invested by the Congress.

From this Sunday a result marked by fragmentation is expected, which will force different political parties to agree to facilitate the formation of a government if a new electoral repetition is to be avoided. (Sputnik)

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