The question of Pulga Rodriguez about his continuity in Colon


The cameras of ESPN they filmed the moment when the flea withdrew from the court, sad for the defeat and, probably, for the goal of the discount that was lost.

Before leaving, he spoke and criticized the delays caused by the VAR, thanked the fans of Colon that came up Assumption and apologized on behalf of the entire campus.

"Actually the game is not played 90 minutes because there are changes and time that players lose to delay the game. That's why I don't like the VAR, when there is a goal you have to wait two or three minutes until they check it, "the tucumano began.


"I want to thank all the people who made the sacrifice to come here and on behalf of the whole team apologize for not being able to give the first star we all wanted," the flea lamented.

However, what caught most attention was that he questioned his continuity in the colon. "We will see what we do and what decisions we make in the remainder of the year," he said. He ruled out the possibility of withdraw from football but he clarified that "you have to do the analysis and see how the head goes. I have to talk with my family how to continue."

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