The reactions of Mladenovic, Garcia and Benneteau


Drafting Sport365, published Sunday, November 10, 2019 at 11:50

Check out the reactions of Kristina Mladenovic, Caroline Garcia and Julien Benneteau at the Fed Cup microphone and the beIN Sports microphone, after France's victory in Australia (2-3) in the final.

Kristina Mladenovic:
"It's a lot of emotions to share with Caro, because three years ago we lost the last game, and it's a revenge for us. It is indescribable. I have given everything, I have no strength to speak, I am completely exhausted. I fought with the guts, I worked. There were less good times, but … This weekend, but also throughout the campaign, it's a wonderful example of teamwork. "

Caroline Garcia:
"It's been an amazing weekend for everyone. This double was fast, but we were focused on all points. We played a big match. It was very tense. It's a lot of stress, but we did a good job. We played very well. I have a little trouble realizing, because in 36 hours I went through a lot of emotions. We said we were going to win it all together, that's what we did. All year, we brought points. Today, it is Kristina who brings three. It was written that we were going to win the double decisive, even if we would have liked to avoid some cold sweats. Three years ago we had lost, this year, bug, we were mounted on springs! The party will be beautiful! "

Julien Benneteau:
"I am the most proud man on the planet today! The girls fought long for this title. I have an amazing staff, the audience has been amazing too. It's a dream for me. I had tried to imagine that at the beginning of the year, when I knew I could have the best team. Eight months later, we are there. I'm going to drink a lot of beer … "

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