The reason for the failure of Millionaires was known: Andres Pastrana gave them a talk


After the semester failure for Millionaires, things that happened in the dressing room of the ambassador team begin to be known, in those difficult days which cost him the elimination of the semifinal home runs of the Eagle League.

However, the president of the team, Enrique Camacho, confirmed one of the situations in the dressing room during the last meetings when the results did not occur and it was a very particular visit.

"'' President Andres Pastrana gave us a talk about difficulties in dealing with what was happening. We did everything in our power to boost the mood of the players, we were ineffective in that regard and we couldn't do it," Camacho said in RCN Radio.

Obviously, this motivated millions of mockeries in social networks to the team since many found it unpresentable that the ex-president had been thought of as a solution to get out of the crisis that Millionaires lived.

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