the River coach among the possible Valverde replacers


What's wrong with it Gallant to direct to Barcelona? First an informative clarification: the rumor arose from a TV program, it was replicated and took on the news when no one from the club mentioned it as a possible replacement for the questioned Valverde. But it is not news yet. That said, a more soccer look. Gallant seems qualified to lead the team of Messi. And it goes beyond the public blessing of Guardiola, who did not understand that he was not running for the prize for the best coaches in the world. And of the vote of 10 Barcelona in The best. He Doll He is by far the best Argentine soccer coach, a subjective look that all local media share. In fact the qualification could be extended to the rest of America. Of the last five Liberating Cups -which would become the Champions
League on this side of the map- your River won two and will play in some days the third final of the most relevant cycle in the history of the club. Although not only its bright numbers endorse it …

This is how he directs from the band Gallardo

Gallant He has a huge leadership. He is the captain of River although there are notable soccer players in the different schools that he put together. There is a respect from the players that is already a brand. Many have been better to go through the hands of the former strategist also in his time of player, when he led the 10 of River, Monaco or the Argentine National Team. His reading of games, his personality to put and take players beyond his last name is recognized. It is often said that one of the great merits of Gallant It leaves the heart on the bedside table.

He always makes what he thinks are the best decisions for the team, although for example in the Cup final with Mouth I have taken the final leg of the game Ponzio. It has exploited talented as Pity Martinez, Nacho
Fernandez, today considered the best player of the Argentina by Juan roman riquelme. Or successful in reinforcements like the Pratto Bear or the huge Armani, of the best archers in the life of River. Upon arriving at the club he was finally able to arrive at the Argentine National Team and was the guardian of Messi in Russia 2018. As he said himself Roman without irony, "Gallant He is a genius. ”

Marcelo Gallardo in River Plate

He is the owner of River. He has the club keys. Is that the president D’Onofrio and the manager Francescoli they know that Gallant solve everything. It gets into reinforcements, communication policy, in the Lower, in expenses, in everything. Your reading is accurate. And its back, wider than any wide avenue of good ones
Aires. River had two Liberating Cups in its rich history until the Doll. Now there are 4 and will play the next final in a few days against him Flamengo from Brazil. With a decisive aggregate: all the time eliminated Boca in international competitions. Double voucher for the fan. The final of the Cup played in Madrid It was the most important of all and won. Even in the worst moments you trust Gallant, who have been building a deserved statue for months. "That people believe because they have something to believe with" is one of their phrases that became a legend and shirt of the fans. The people of River I would even vote for him as President of the Nation. Trust him more than all the other politicians together. Now he will believe he can end up in Barcelona?

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