The sale of used cars grew: what were the 10 best-selling models in October


Last month, 153,008 units were sold, a growth of 6.71% compared to the same month last year, according to data from the Chamber of Automotive Commerce (CCA). In relation to September 2019, the rise is 0.29%. However, from the sector they warn that despite the increase in sales, it has less available stock and low profitability.

The best selling models were Volkswagen Gol and Gol Trend (22% of the total), Chevrolet Corsa and Classic (15%), Renault Clio (10%), Toyota Hilux (9%), Ford Fiesta (8.8%), Ford EcoSport (8%), Fiat Palio (8 %), Ford Ranger (7%) and Renault Kangoo (6%).

In the period from January to October 2019, 1,447,709 vehicles were sold, down 1.8% compared to the same period of 2018, when 1,474,283 units were sold. “We are in the final stretch of a very difficult, complicated and atypical year for the sector. Although sales volumes are growing, our stocks are shrinking and it is very difficult to replenish them; profitability is practically nil and the taxes we pay to the treasury are suffocating, ”explained Alberto Principe, president of the CEC.

“We know that the solution will not come with the urgencies we need, but it is in our DNA the wish that in the near future we can envision an economic change that brings new possibilities closer"added the manager.

The provinces that increased their sales so far this year were Neuquen (7.67%), San Luis (7.35%), Cordoba (2.79%), Rio Negro (1.56%) and Entre Rios (1.07%). Meanwhile, the main casualties occurred in Chaco (16.72%), Santiago del Estero (14.33%), Salta (12.69%), Formosa (12.18%) and Corrientes (11.80%).

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