The San Jose Obrero achieves a placid victory to continue in the lead


Sports Writing. Nov 10 (EFE). – The San Jose Obrero had no problems to add the ninth victory of the season in the Women's Handball Silver Honor Division, beating Rubensa BM Porrino by a resounding 26 to 35. Full of victories in the first two months of the competition and allowing you to maintain three points of advantage over Rodriguez Cleba.

The Lanzarote made a very serious game in all its lines, although the clash remained even in the first twenty minutes and not until the final stretch of the first part when they managed to overcome the 5-1 defense of the Galician. The players of David Betancort did not miss Armina Isic and all contributed their grain of sand.

Another team that achieved a placid victory was the CB Lanzarote Puerto del Carmen, imposing a clear 21 to 35 to Palencia Tourism. The key to the game was in the first half, where the defense of the Lanzarote did not provide facilities and only conceded six goals in the first thirty minutes of the match.

The CB Lanzarote Zonzamas was deflated in his match against AD Carballal, starring in a clash of more and less. After a good start, with mobility in attack and enjoying brief advantages on the scoreboard, the Lanzarote began to be surpassed by the Galician. A partial of 0-4 in the second half was enough for Carballal to be imposed by 23 to 26 and add the first victory of the season in the Canary Islands.

For its part, BM Tejina Tenerife suffered a tough defeat against Siero Deportivo by 20-29, one of the teams that is in the low zone of the classification, in a match in which the Asturian women were always ahead in the marker, not letting the premises react.

It is the fourth consecutive defeat of the lacuna squad, which definitively moves away from the top positions of the table. EFE

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