The secret of Cristiano Ronaldo, revealed: a former partner tells how he stays 100%


The reason why the Portuguese has the best physique in world football is "simple"

Rio Ferdinand, one of the best defenders in the history of English football, voice authorized to talk about everything that has to do with the Premier League and that coincided with Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United, revealed how the Portuguese has remained in the best possible physical form.

Ferdinand reported that, since then, at Cristiano's house there was a legion of people at the service of his health:

"He was the first person I saw investing in a team. I walked around his house and saw about ten people in his room. I said, who are these people? What's going on? He said, that's my chef, that's my physio, that's the doctor and that's my personal trainer. He left Man United as the best player in the world. I was on the right track, ”revealed the British defender.

In the purest style of Lebron James, who also has specialists in all aspects of their physical care, Cristiano has invested millions in his:

"Both have invested a lot of money in having the right team around them so that their body and mind perform at the highest level consistently. I think if I gave advice to young players, then I would say that if you have the resources, invest in you that way. ”

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