The secret services recruit and let it know


DGSI (Directorate General for Internal Security) launched its recruitment campaign with a video clip. By 2024, the French intelligence services will create 1,200 positions, with staff numbers up by 28%. An unprecedented recruitment wave, with a lot of communication to find new profiles.

150 different trades

With 4,300 civil servants, the department brings together nearly 150 different professions, investigators, linguists and even mathematicians. Since the wave of attacks in 2015, the DGSI had already created more than 1,000 positions, but the terrorist risk remains high, evidenced by the attack at the police headquarters in Paris last October.

And the threat evolves. The secret services want to recruit in cybersecurity to protect the military and economic equipment from any infiltration. Partnerships with universities are established to find the most efficient technicians. For some students, working for the DGSI, it does not refuse. But before being recruited, the whole life of the candidate will be sifted: entourage, family, personal situation. An investigation so detailed that it takes months.

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