The Sornetan Center could be sold


What will happen to the Sornetan Center? Delegates of the Synod of Reformed Churches in the Jura borough have seen a report on the future of the institution, according to a statement released Sunday night. As the Sornetan Center faced a critical financial situation, a working group had been set up to study the issue.

The delegates have not yet voted in favor of any solution. They indicate that four options are possible. First, take out the church training component of the Center's activities. Second, sell the entire building and liquidate the association that runs the Center. Third, sell the rental property. And fourth, renting premises to third parties.

The Jura Synod Council invites the parish delegates to study the matter. An information session will be held on April 29 and a special meeting will be scheduled before the summer to make a decision. / Comm-mdu

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