The "state policy" that allowed the construction of the Estadio de Estudiantes de La Plata


At the beginning of the year 2001 we started a dream that took almost 19 years to realize, build with comfort, safety and modernity that the new times and FIFA demanded a new Stadium.

It all started with a phrase by Julio Alegre (at that time vice president of Guillermo Cichetti) telling me: "Quique, we have to do the Stadium".

There begins an epic path. Mobilizations, bicycles, hugs and all forms of peaceful demonstration shaped a fair claim for the right to one's own home. Right this based on the Collective Memory of a majority part of society that did not want to lose its common thread, its support and temporary continuity in its usual place, 1 and 57, The place.

The directive commissions of the presidencies Guillermo Cichetti, Julio Santiago Alegre , Eduardo Abadie, Ruben Matias Filipas mine and that of Juan Sebastian Veron, together with partners and fans, made this achievement possible with their commitment and undeniable passion.

For future efforts, it remains the commitment to finish everything projected.

This union of all, identification and sense of belonging for a "State policy" is the only possible way to honor and without bending achieve higher goals.

Our rich history knows well of dreams come true. We are a school of life, a way of being that makes us proud and goes far beyond the glorious cups obtained.

This stadium represents for our club the best of our struggles, an identity mark, a remarkable institutional growth and a hopeful message for its next generations.

* Architect, author of the Stadium Project, President of Student of La Plata (2011-2014)

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