The Voice Finale: What are Sido and Lena Gercke doing there?


Cologne –

Actually, all the banned at the "The Voice of Germany" finals to listen to the votes of the candidates. After all, Erwin, Claudia, Fidi, Lucas and Freschta have given everything to get this far.

The finalists Erwin Kintop (l-r), Claudia Emmanuela Santoso, Fidi Steinbeck, Freschta Akbarzada and Lucas Rieger.

But not only presenter Lena Gercke was distracted at first – by Sido.

"Sido, I expected everything," she barely trusted her eyes. Because the rapper was not in the Gucci training outfit, but in the right suit.


Sido had made extra chic, as moderator Thore SchOlermann showed in an Insta story just before the final.

"The Voice" finale: ridicule on Twitter for Lena Gercke's outfit

On Twitter, the reactions were divided: "I just can not take Sido in a suit seriously," commented a fan. "How can he put on an H & M suit today for the final?" Another asked mockingly. "Looks good, Sido", judged another spectator again.

But even Lena's outfit caused ridicule on the net: "What's the black belt over the chest?", "Now they even censor in #tvog with black bars!", Twitterten tweets users during the show.

The beautiful blonde wore only a narrow top and a blazer. Of course Lena can wear such a sexy outfit. Many viewers found it "cheap".


A look behind the scenes: Thore SchOlermann and Lena Gercke shortly before the "The Voice" final on Sunday evening.

That neither Lena nor Sido had in mind that their outfits would distract from the actual stars of the evening.

But after all, Lena knows exactly how much the commentators on the net like their looks. Sure, she likes to show what she has on her Instagram channel. But not always fans find the permissive pictures succeeded. Just recently Model Lena Gercke was once again exposed to an Instagram Shitstorm (read more here) (sp)

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