"The Voice" finale: why only this talent will win the show


Erwin, Claudia, Fidi, Freschta and Lucas want to become "The Voice" in 2019. Image: Sat.1 / Andre Kowalski

"The Voice" analysis of the finale: Why a candidate has already won

Tonight is the day. ProSieben viewers vote and vote for the ninth "The Voice of Germany" winner. Who will succeed Samuel ROsch? In addition to her solo performance, five talents will not only sing together with her coach, but will also be heard in a duet with an international guest star.

Watson has the Success chances of the five finalists analyzed – who has the biggest fan base, who is the best coach? And who will end up being "The Voice"? You can find all information here.

Erwin Kintop (Team Rea Garvey)

Image: Sat.1 / Andre Kowalski

  • 23 years, forklift driver
  • In 2013 he finished fifth in "DSDS" and briefly for the teenage swarm. After the hype was over, Erwin trained as a warehouse logistics specialist. A friend persuaded him to try his luck with the music again on "The Voice". It worked!

fanbase: Well. His former talent show career made sure that his Insta follower number increased by the show to just over 10,000. 55,000 fans vote for him in ProSieben's official "The Voice" voting. In Germany-wide Google ranking Erwin shares the first place with competitor Claudia.

Coach chances of success: Top! Rea Garvey brought Nick Howard to first place in 2012, the year before coaching eventual ESC star Michael Schulte, who took third place in "The Voice". In 2014, his talent Lina Arndt made it to second place.

Final: Erwin sings with Irish newcomer Dermot Kennedy ("Power over me"). Last month, their debut album "Without Fear", which made it to third place in the charts in Germany, was released.

Watson Rating: Solid fanbase, a top coach: second place!

Freschta Akbarzada (Team Sido)

Image: Sat.1 / Andre Kowalski

  • 23 years, recruiter
  • The professional among the finalists: In her Swiss homeland, she made it to the semi-finals of "The Voice of Switzerland". Also at ESC Freschta tried: With the song "Gold" she entered the Swiss preliminary and even sang in the TV final.

fanbase: Mau. 4400 people follow Freschta on Instagram and she gets 6858 votes in the official "The Voice" ranking. In Germany-wide Google ranking, it is enough only for the last place.

Coach chances of success: Since Sido is there for the first time – unclear.

Final: Freschta could rip it once again: she sings with Megastar Dua Lipa. It brings phenomenal 35.5 million Instagram fans who can support them in a successful performance.

Watson Rating: The finalsong with Dua Lipa could still tear something – nevertheless it could be enough for the small fan base despite all experience only for the fourth place.

Lucas Rieger (Team Nico Santos / Comeback Stage)

Image: Sat.1 / Andre Kowalski

  • 19 years, make-up artist
  • Not to be confused with singer LuKas Rieger (whom he does not like by the way). Was thrown by his ex-coach Sido just before the semifinals of the show, snatched online on the guided by Nico Santos so-called "Comeback Stage" but still a place in the final.

fanbase: Well! On Instagram, Lucas manages just over 8,000 followers, and in the official ProSieben ranking he won 28,800 votes. In the nationwide Google ranking Lucas shares the second place with competitor Fidi.

Coach chances of success: Since Nico Santos is there for the first time – unclear.

Final: Lucas and Chanson star Max Raabe will bring a snappy '30s number. Could sound good and look good – Raabe is rather unknown in the young target audience.

Watson Rating: His music style is not exactly mass-compatible. Despite sympathy and a strong comeback: fifth place!

Fidi Steinbeck (Team Mark Forster)

Image: Sat.1 / Andre Kowalski

  • 34 years, producer
  • Amongst other things, she worked as a boat builder and changed her professions. The only constant in this time: the music. "I can easily spend eight hours working on songwriting and making music, that fills me up and I completely forget the time." Fidi's trademark: Her cello, which she already had with the Blind Auditions.

fanbase: Goes so. On Instagram follow Fidi 7750 fans, in the official ProSieben voting she got 15270 votes. In Germany-wide Google ranking Fidi shares the second place with competitor Lucas.

Coach chances of success: Best! Mark Forster catapulted Benedikt KOstler to second place in 2017, taking bronze with Jessica Schaffler in the past season.

Final: Singer James Arthur (1.2 million Instagram followers) will join Fidi. The Brit can certainly give her a few last-minute tips: In 2012, he won the casting show "The X-Factor" in his homeland.

Watson Rating: Her cello lifts her from the rest of the candidates, the final song could make up for some missing fans again. Place 3!

Claudia Santoso (Team Alice Merton)

Image: Sat.1 / Andre Kowalski

  • 18 years, student
  • Originally from Indonesia, she is a little social media star in her homeland. Claudia's mother recognized her talent early, enrolling her at the age of four at a music school. She also got piano and violin lessons.

fanbase: Huge! On Instagram, they follow 125,000 fans, on the official "The Voice" site gave her 1.17 million viewers vote, In Germany-wide Google ranking shares Claudia the first place with competitor Erwin. By far, Claudia has won here in front of her colleagues – and since the audience decide on "The Voice", this should give her the decisive advantage.

Coach chances of success: Since Alice Merton is there for the first time – unclear.

Final: Claudia joins British singer Freya Ridings, who has a solid 189,000 Instagram followers. Her most popular song so far is "Lost Without You", which reached ninth place in the British singles charts.

Watson Rating: We decide: The biggest fan base of all talents and their youthful lightheartedness heave Claudia on this year's "The Voice" Throne!

ProSieben shows the finale of "The Voice" on November 10th at 8.15 pm.

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