The Voice of Germany Final: Sido completely changed! That's not how fans know him


Tonight will be the big "The Voice of Germany" finale. But which candidate can get the coveted title. We're there to keep you up to date with the live ticker:

  • Battles at "The Voice of Germany" start
  • Sido makes a tough decision on the battles – shocking all the coaches
  • First "Sing-Offs" provide stunned coaches
  • "The Voice of Germany" semi-final is receiving fierce criticism – fans scent fraud
  • Erwin, Freschta, Fidi, Lucas and Claudia in the finale of "The Voice of Germany"

Update ticker

22:35 clock: What's that about? The summer hit 2020 ?! We expected more from Rae Garvey. And besides, Justin Bieber has called, he would like to have his jacket back.

22:28 clock: Poor Nico is not yet famous enough to sit in front of the stage. He will only be added if the creators of "The Voice of Germany" want to hear his opinion. Even the spectators did not miss that. On Twitter, there are numerous reactions: "Could not one have built a chair for Nico today? At least a garden chair ", a user tweet.

22:25 clock: "But you all dare to go to the big ones today"says Lena Gerke. What she actually wanted to say: Let it stay that way.

22:21 clock: Freschta sings "Without You" by Mariah Carey – brave! But Sido calls his candidate the biggest competitor for Claudia, so he'll probably believe in her singing skills on such a heavy number.

22:06 clock: Lucas looks kind of stiff and he does not know what to do with his hands. Does the performance seem so strange to you?

22:03 clock: Max Raabe and Lucas together on the stage – in the semifinals, viewers have freaked out and scented fraud! Why? You read that below.

22 O `clock: Sure, after 15 minutes of commercial break, we still push an advertisement in between, Sat.1 at every meeting.

21:56 clock: Claudia sings "I Have Nothing" by mega-star Whitney Houston – but with her voice that should not be a problem for her.

21:48 clock: The second duet is between Fidi and her coach Mark – also here with her own song. 'Animal' appearance by Mark Foster!

21:34 clock: 24 minutes to the next advertisement – wow …

21:33 clock: Erwin can sing higher than Dieter Bohlen on "Modern Talking" times!

21:29 clock: Nico Santos has almost only Stevie Woder and Michael Jackson records at home. He probably never heard it, otherwise he would make other music.

21:20 clock: A blink of an eye (or 10 minutes full of advertising) later it finally goes me Claudia on. She sings the first duet with Freya Ridings the song "Castles". The 17-year-old is the absolute favorite among the finalists. Already with her appearance at the "Blind Auditions" she has inspired millions of people.

21:10 clock: Now the favorite Claudia sings! But what follows before – of course, the commercial break. We wondered where it was.

"The Voice of Germany": Sido surprises with a completely new look

21:08 clock: Somehow the appearances of the talents this year are particularly short or is that only because of the particularly long advertising breaks just like that?

21:06 clock: Fidi is now. She is the only one who also plays an instrument live!

20:56 clock: The first coach talent duo starts with Freschta and Sido with the song "3 Minuten". Was Sido inspired by Apache 207? He has a song called "2 Minutes". In contrast to his talent, Sido likes to take a short break during his live performance: he promises himself in the middle of it all.

20:41 clock: The first commercial break of 7,576 starts!

20:39 clock: As if Dermot says now: "50 cents for a call? That's way too expensive for me "

20:34 clock: "Our" Erwin sing along with Dermot Kennedy – his lost brother by the way.

20:31 clock: Of course, the stylist must be particularly crazy dressed – otherwise she would have missed the job. She certainly was the one who dressed up Mark Foster.

20:26 clock: To be honest, who is Nico Santos?

20:22 clock: The real world premiere today: Sido in a real suit!

20:20: All jurors have cleaned out – also Mark. He was briefly in the zoo before and stole the style from the leopard.

20:15: It starts very dramatically …

Update from 10th November: For nearly two months we have been with the candidates of the current "The Voice of Germany"-Staffel mitgefiebert, have looked forward to the coaches or annoyed us about them. There was a lot to laugh about – but also a lot to cry. Tonight will decide in the grand finale, who the title "The Voice of Germany"Will decide for itself – and we will go live with it.

"The Voice of Germany": Finalists will sing three times – also with stars and coaches

In the final of "The Voice of Germany"Expect us Claudia, Fidi, Freschta, Erwin and Lucas, who will each sing three songs each. But they will not be alone on stage. For one song there is an international star guest, another is sung together with her coach. Claudia will sing with Freya Ridings, Fidi with James Arthur, Freschta with Dua Lipa, Erwin with Dermot Kennedy and Lucas with Max Raabe.

The songs with the coaches are particularly emotional again, as the candidates have written them: "You suddenly get goose bumps and tears. Pee in the eyes. I cried during my studio recording. For real. And on my video recording too. It's about my family", Explains finalist Claudia, who the song" Goodbye "with Alice Merton will perform.

We are very curious who will win this evening. You can watch the finale from 20:15 on Sat. 1.

"The Voice of Germany": Decisions cause a lot of trouble

Update from 4 November: On Sunday evening (November 3rd) on SAT.1 the semifinal from "The Voice of Germany" instead of. This time the spectators have to decide who will make the round and move into the big final. The Coaches Alice Merton, Mark Forster, Sido and Rea now have no influence on the further course of the show. in the semifinal The two remaining candidates of the respective teams always compete against each other and the spectators vote within a short time for their favorites. The team from Rea will start, followed by Sido, Mark, Nico Santos (comeback stage) and Alice Merton. With partially scarce results, these singers finally come to final from "The Voice of Germany": Erwin Kintop, who will perform with a mega-star in the finals, Freschta Akbarzada, Fidi Steinbeck, Lucas Rieger and Claudia Emmanuela Santoso. But especially for the last two decisions, it is now hailing powerfully criticism against the "The Voice "Maker!

"The Voice of Germany": Doers reap powerful criticism after semifinals

Criticism against the end of the semi-final: Mariel and Claudia are the last singers who perform. It's already past 10 pm when the two perform on stage. For the first 16-year-old Mariel Kirschall does that mean that after her appearance Not at the final decision on of the stage is allowed to stand – and that is exactly what causes a lot of criticism. After all, the two of Team Alice also as the first candidates in the semifinal may occur. So would have Mariel Like everyone else "The Voice of Germany"Participants – may be in the decision to move into the finals on stage. On Twitter some viewers comment on the schedule and write: "Please understand once the decision to argue the only candidate who may not be on stage after 23 o'clock on the stage to pack at the end of the show. Coincidentally because otherwise Claudia would have had to perform earlier? "

Cheating on "The Voice of Germany"? Heavy criticism on Twitter

But the schedule is not the only thing the spectator at "The Voice of Germany "criticize, Some assume the show incredibility and even Amounted to in relation to Lucas Rieger and his entry into the final. For as a look at the finale shows, singer Max Raabe occur. Many viewers see here a clear connection between Raabe and Rieger. "Haaa and if Celine had progressed, would she have sung with Max Raabe? This stinks of fraud ", "Max Raabe at the final. Then it was clear that Lucas must get on","Max Raabe, who have definitely booked spontaneously, certainly did not know that Lukas would reach the final. Or who else should sing with the guy? " – are just a few comments on Twitter.

Lucas Rieger is the only one allowed to give an encore

© SAT.1 / Andre Kowalski

Furthermore criticize the "The Voice of Germany" spectators a note from presenter Thore SchOlermann. Besides Max Raabe will be among others Singer Dua Lipa be there in the final. Thore says "I think Dua Lupa really cool". This sentence disturbs some of the audience.

Whether it comes to the Shitstorm at the final of "The Voice of Germany", will be on Sunday evening (10 November, 20:15 clock) in SAT.1 show.

"The Voice of Germany": Sido tough – rapper throws ice cold Favoritin out!

Update from October 31: On Thursday, the "Sing-Off"To the next round. This time the candidates are from team Sido and team Rea on the line. Selina performs the song "Ready Or Not" and reaps positive feedback from the coaches – but not from Sido, He shows his usual hard-nosed way: while he still calls her a favorite in one second and says that he shares it with her "The Voice of Germany" 2019 he wants to win, he kicks her out of the show the next moment and gives her no hot seat!

Update from October 28th: What a first show of "Sing-Off" from "The Voice of Germany"! The start is made by the ten candidates from Team Alice – and right at the beginning is clear: Here everyone wants to get ahead. A great performance goes to the next and for Alice Merton falls from appearance to appearance the decision – who ins semifinal is allowed to move in and who is not – more and more difficult. In the end, she has to choose between three top favorites: Claudia. Mariel and Bastian, Alice Merton keeps the two women in the team – tears on her face but betray that this decision was not easy for the 26-year-old.

"The Voice of Germany": Mark Forster shocked with decision

But while this election is well accepted by all spectators and the other coaches, the decision from mark Ranger something outrage. Because while he does not take top favorites like Jannik, Frederic or Nastja in the semifinals, gets fidi the hot seat – despite its mediocre performance. fidi sings "Lila Wolken" and plays cello, but there Mark Forster even after the performance: "Somehow you did not get in the song " and also rappers Sido thinks that the voice and the song did not quite fit.

From now on, other candidates such as Farman or David are gradually flashing Mark Forster off and on fidi may continue on the Hot Seat remain seated.

The last appearance finally lays oxa as usual with an impressive stage performance. He finally comes one round and pulls it into the semifinal – But he has to give up his hot seat? Maciek and Fidi are both still up. He received a lot of praise from all sides and she gave a weak performance. In the end, take mark Ranger tataschlich oxa and fidi with ins semifinal and reap for these decision frightened and stunned looks his colleagues. Especially Sido looks puzzled and probably can not understand this choice.

"The Voice of Germany": The tears are flowing in the last battles – not just for joy!

Update from October 25: That's it with the Battles from "The Voice of Germany, On Thursday night have on ProSieben the last 21 candidates fought for entry into the "Sing-Offs". Right at the beginning bird of paradise OXA together with competitor Sabina a power performance to the world hit "Do not stop me now" by "Queen" on the stage. Without further ado, the singer tears his pants off his body and then stands in front of the jury in the tight one-piece. Impressed by the show and also keeps the vocal insert mark Ranger the Brazilian in his team.

Bitter words hail from Sido for the performance of Anri and Simone (Team Rae): "The competition is too big for you both!"Says the rapper after her performance. Rae sees things differently and takes the 46-year-old Anri into the next round.

Alice Merton weeps at the last battles again. This time's stirring Claudia and the sibling couple Felix and Emma the 26-year-old too tears, Only very hard she can decide between the Battle opponents and finally takes Claudia, which is praised by the entire jury. "Claudia, you are the best this year! "For example, says Mark Forster. Next to Claudia are Selina, Lea, Farman, Katja and Erwin. Nastia has luck in the end, because she is from mark Ranger , Gestealt '. But for ex-GNTM candidate Sally has the bitter consequences. So close to the finish she still flies out of "The Voice of Germany". In tears, the 19-year-old says: "I once again believed in myself. But now it is not like that. I'll finish this, that'll be fine. "

Update from October 24: On Thursday, the last candidates fight in the Battles of "The Voice of Germany" for the entry into the "showdown" – and it should be extremely exciting! Which singer may be in the next episode self-chosen song perform? In the last battles we see, among other candidate OXA again, which already caused a sensation at his blind audition. Already it is clear: His daring outfit will again provide a neat eye-catcher when the paradise bird from Team Mark Forster with the "Queen" hit "Do not Stop Me Now" competes against competitor Sabina. Out Team Alice Merton occurs at the latest episode of "The Voice of Germany" Candidate Claudia against the siblings Emma and Felix. Can your performance top the emotional performance of the Blind Auditions? We can be curious! You can read all highlights of the latest episode from 20:15 here in the couch ticker.

Battles on "The Voice of Germany": Bad streak of Sido does not stop

Update from 21.
October: sidos Bad streak with the teams does not stop. At the third Battles The trio with Veronika, Seyran and Amanda ensures a lot of excitement. For in the rehearsals the three do not form a team, each fight alone. If that does not change on the show, it will be a "catastrophe"There is rapper Sido (38) sure. However, the trio gets just as turn the curve and Sido Take at least one candidate: Veronika!

Round three of the battles is once again peppered with many soulful ballads and power-packed rock hits. Especially the appearance from Chiara and Lucie stirs Coach Alice to tears. Only very difficult can the 26-year-old decide and finally takes Lucie. But her opponent Chiara is lucky again, because she is designed by Rea.

Third round of battles: "The Voice" favorite is set

Already at the Blind Auditions he could convince and his appearance in the Battles becomes Niklas Schregel again with compliments from the "The Voice "jury showered. Although he does not show 100 percent of "Hold Me While You Wait", but all coaches are sure that here is a future singer in front of them. "Niklas, if you do not go wrong in the next few years, I'm sure that you are a star"says Mark Forster. Also often very critical Rapper Sido believes in its potential:I also expect you to have a career if you do not do anything stupid. "

So you can the 25-year-old, who continues to the Victory in "The Voice of Germany" fights, clearly ranked among the favorites of the season. Not many candidates have received such compliments so far. Another singer who has also received much praise is Jannik. Even Sido would attend a concert from him.

Perpetual annoyance at "The Voice of Germany": candidate flies because of this confession from Sido's team

Update from October 18th: So either has Sido just bad luck or got the wrong candidates in his team. Because after a clash last week, a talent from Team Sido is already taking care of the next one Faux pas on "The Voice of Germany": Bastian Springer (21) does not hit every note, looks tired – and Sido does not miss that either, "I think he was drinking"said the coach after the battle. Has the candidate from Taufkirchen (Bavaria) used the opportunity to get a taste of 'Berlin air'?

At first, argues Bastian that, but must finally confess. "The last time three days ago"he confesses sheepishly. He tried to get his voice under control again, but the scratching had not completely disappeared. "I think you've been shitting with celebrating today. Do I tell you the way it is? "So the rapper adds to his talent and takes competitor Dennis to the next round after the battle.

But even for the 21-year-old is the journey "The Voice of Germany" not yet finished: Thanks to "Steal Deal", he is rescued by Alice Merton – and hopefully has learned something new.

"The Voice of Germany": Sido shocks with a tough decision

Update from October 14: Start on Sunday SAT 1 the first battles of "The Voice of Germany"- and there is something of everything! While Fidi and Lukas provide a goosebump moment with their version of Herbert GrOnemeyer's hit "Aircraft in the stomach" Coach Sido with his decision one Giant shock from: Because of the appearance of Tyrone and Janet is the rapper so disappointed that he no wants to take to the next round. "I think you have both no chanceI do not take any of you,"There was something like that "The Voice of Germany" never! Tyrone can by the "Steal Deal"Will be rescued by Rea, but Janet flies out.

"Judith" is also featured in a vociferous battle against Marie Song "Alles Neu"from Peter Fox initially draws the short straw. Alice Merton chooses her competitor, but Mark Forster takes Marie into his team. Why the Heppenheimer incidentally painted moons on her face, you will find out here. The first battles have also mastered Allan, Christian "Club", Maciek, Freschta, Chiara and Luke.

"The Voice of Germany": "I would piss on the right" – What makes Mark Forster so angry!

Update from October 11: Give on Thursday evening candidates and jury both last blind auditions from "The Voice of Germany "(TVOG) everything again! Everyone Coach can now add a few talents to his team, so it is no wonder they are battling each other for the singers on stage.

But one nominee takes care of the last blind auditions from TVOG for one curious moment – with her names, Because as the last candidate occurs Princess on. Not only the audience, but also Sido and Mark are absolutely surprised by this unusual name. In the end, the 23-year-old Princess goes to King of Rap Sido!

"The Voice of Germany": Sido taunts Mark Foster – his eyes tell everything

Time and again mark Ranger taken by his coach colleagues on the shovel. Also in this show, Sido can not hold back. When Alice Merton She says that she used to tremble so much during her performances that she was once asked if she has a seizure, he replies promptly.Mark calls it dancing."And pull with it too Alice ridiculous. mark Foster This is anything but funny – the look says more than 1,000 words.

But that's not enough! Mark Forster understands only in the last blind audition episode that Nico Santos through the newly introduced "Comeback Stage" also "The Voice of Germany"Could win – and that's right the singer from Kaiserslautern not exactly funny. In a conversation behind the stage he says:I would piss on it, if he wins."

"The Voice of Germany": All candidates from Mannheim and region at a glance

The fact that Mannheim produces a particularly large number of vocal talents is, of course, due to the Popakadame, among others – on which "The Voice of Germany" coach Alice Merton also studied. But in this season of TVOG There are surprisingly many candidates from the region. Since it is almost difficult to keep track. We have a Overview of the candidates already created the Blind Auditions have survived:

  • Tyrone (22) from Graben-Neudorf (Kreis Karlsruhe) – Team Sido
  • Christian "Keule" (54) from Landau (Pfalz) – Team Rea
  • Erwin (23) from Rastatt – Team Rea
  • Farman (24) from Mainz – Team Mark
  • Marvin (26) from Mannheim – Team Rea (out)
  • Chiara (21) from Eppingen Rohrbach (Heilbronn District) – Team Alice
  • Judith (22) from Heddesheim (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis) – Team Mark
  • Saenab (41) from Speyer – Team Sido
  • Julian (24) from Frankenthal – Team Mark (out)

"The Voice of Germany": What happens after the blind auditions?

On Sunday (October 13) already go the first battles of "The Voice of Germany" Come on! Here the respective teams will compete against each other in the 'Ring' and sing – with each Battle a candidate flies out of the show. Here is screened so quickly.

On the 3rd of November will be the TVOG semi-final at 20:15 live on Sat.1 instead of. In the semifinals, Nico Santos' online talent will compete for the first time against the other candidates. The final from "The Voice of Germany" will also be broadcast live on Sat.1 on November 10th.

The Voice of Germany: Sido shocks spectators during marriage proposal!

Report of October 7: At the last Blind Auditions Do not worry the talents, but coach Sido for the well most embarrassing moment in "The Voice of Germany": When the candidate Domenico is on stage and proposes to his sweetheart, all coaches are touched – with the exception of Sido, In the face of such romance, he becomes a little impatient.

While the newlywed couple is in their arms, he arrives on stage and leads them both in the direction of the exit. For Domenico there is not even more time to put the ring on his fiance's finger. The shocked looks from Alice Merton and Marc Forster then say everything: with this action has Sido certainly for one of the most embarrassing moments of the current "The Voice of Germany"-Staffel worried.

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