The White Donkeys were crowned in the ONEFA against the White Eagles


This Saturday there was a game full of different and intense emotions during the final of the National Student Organization of American Football (ONEFA) within the grid of the Stadium of the City of Sports, in Mexico City.

The White Donkeys team of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) was crowned in the final of the Major League of ONEFA when he beat the White Eagles 24-17, also of the IPN. The tense game in which the stress, and the suffering was carried away by the White Donkeys, went to overtime inside the stadium.

Donkeys who took a small advantage at the beginning of the game, they opened the scoreboard thanks to a touchdown And they started the afternoon with a 7-0. However, it was not long before the quarterback of Aguilas, Ricardo Anguis made a long pass that Fabrizio Diaz received to make a score and match the score.

It was during the second quarter in which Angel Corona, of Aguilas Blancas, with a field goal submitted Donkeys with the score 10-7, and in what remained with the decision to take the title. But the battle the rid Donkeys thanks to another touchdown and achieved a score 14-10.

The last quarter, the most intense of all, Donkeys again increased their lead thanks to a goal by Carlos Garcia Field, which led the score to 17-10. But in the last efforts to survive, Aguilas tried to wake up and carry Emilio Fernandez he achieved a touchdown more tying the board at 17, which led to the game overtime.

In the extra series, which started with the Donkey offense, it was Aaron Garcia who drilled Aguilas' defense. Field Marshal Cesar Badillo sent Garcia a pass, with this he carried the ovoid to the diagonals to get one more score. Thanks to this they got the advantage of a score 24 to 17. Although the controversy was not lacking, since it seemed to have a loose ball just before reaching the end zone.

However the referees considered the touchdown which allowed the White Donkeys to raise the title at the Jacinto Licea Conference of the Major League of ONEFA.

This was the first major league championship for Donkeys they got after 30 years. Last year they were denied in a final, when they were defeated by Authentic Tigers. While White Eagles will have to wait another year to try again to consecrate champions, something they have not done since 1992.

Field Marshal of Donkeys, Alejandro Garcia was named MVP, So he received a check for 5,000 Mexican pesos. While Aguilas received 100,000 Mexican pesos to be able to remodel its sports facilities in the Casco de Santo Tomas. 150,000 Mexican pesos were delivered to the champion.

On their Twitter account, the champions celebrated with a post and thanked those who were with them.

"WE ARE CHAMPIONS! The score was 24-17. Thanks to the whole icing family that accompanied us at every step to arrive today. Today it was shown that there is nothing better than being White Donkey. Honor tradition, build legacy, ”they wrote.

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